Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did you really just give me attitude?

Ok as promised here is my story about Tuesday night. So for 3 1/2 weeks I've been asking Rick to get with Roy (our exchange student) to do a map of Washington State for his school project. You know since it's due this FRIDAY!!!! Yup leave it to DH to put it off, now yes he started a new job and has been working around 45+ hours (salary) and when he's been off he's been working on our yard (see previous posts). So I give him some slack but when Monday rolled around and he still didn't hadn't even cut the board yet get anything else for it, I told him Tuesday (his day off) he was going to do it. Well of course he had plans Tuesday to help a buddy, wouldn't it be nice to have a day off that you could do anything you want? Yup my days off as you know are either chasing kids, working or hey why not do BOTH!! Yup just a lazy bum here!

Thankfully Tuesday Rick picked Roy up from School to get started on this project. Being the nice person I am I of course picked up the other two boys and heck why not pick up some groceries for dinner. Did I mention I still didn't have a voice and was feeling like CRAP?

I get home to find Rick, his friend and Roy working on the project. Well of course Cole is feeling left out and so badly wants to hang with the big boys. He's excited and jumping around and talking loud and fast (yes he is my child, sounds just like me). So of course Rick's friend who is very young and doesn't have kids gets a little anxious whenever Cole is around and snapped at him to be quiet. Yes being the mother hen and sick one I am I was not the most pleasant back to him. I unpleasant informed him not to talk to my child that way and that he is just 5 years old! So as some of you that have been with me for a while know that the exchange student and I have had a very rocky road. Being he mostly ignores me and doesn't show me one bit of respect unless Rick is around then all is right in the world. Sad for him Rick works odd hours and isn't here a lot when we are. So of course Rick is here Roy is in heaven, Cole is sad and I'm sick. So then Roy tells Cole to move out of the way, I tell him not to yell at Cole he just is watching. Then Mr. Cranky (aka my DH) does not do well under stress had a fit and told Cole to get out, oh boy the tears!! So that set me off and we had a lovely argument about respect. Roy of course puffed up since Rick was being a butt head to me.

To make matters worse Rick's friend was being a pain in my butt too, now don't get me wrong he's a nice kid he's here 3 to 4 times a week for dinner. Which is great since it gives Rick someone to hang out with and keeps him busy. He's a got to moving type of person, as I'm ok with just hanging out at home relaxing. You know with all the kids and the missing hair that is in a clump in my hand ... LOL. So back to the story his friend was back to being funny and not dealing well with the overexcited Cole, so yet again I had to raise my useless voice to tell him to knock it off. Yup that went over well with Rick along with me taking my new Pampered Chef tool that they were using to roll out clay! WTF? I took it back which peeved of little Roy who then tried to grab it back, when I told him no he got Rick to come get it. Really??? I have snubbed by a 11 year old and now my husband is showing him it's ok! GRRRR ... So now I'm getting even more attitude from a 11 yr old and my husband! Talk about a day to just go to bed and tell the world to screw off!

I'm happy to say the cleaning lady came over and at least helped me with the cleaning. The guys finished up Roy's Washington State well to the point where he can paint it tonight. Yes we can hope it will be done by Friday, or he may just have to be sick that day and we can turn it in on Monday! Oh joy! One positive came in the mail for Cole, his grandmother in California sent him a blanket she made for him. It was the coolest blanket I've seen her crochet so far it was 3-D Scooby Doo, with necklace that was free floating ... super cute!! Plus a surprise Carebear she made for my girlfriends daughter birthday that is coming up. I'm so excited that she made it all, she rocks!!! Mark your calendars June 16th for my birthday giveaway, I have some amazing items she made for Cole's school auction that they wouldn't use since they were homemade items :( ... I know but lucky for my followers will get some amazing gifts!!! More to come about that!

Still no voice and feeling like crap I worked a half day on Wednesday to go home to rest. Since I had no boys, before I picked them up I decided to get my haircut and my eyebrows waxed. I know HUGE TREAT, I stopped by a new place that opened by the house. It was in a strip mall but hey they had a sale on haircuts ... LOL I know I'm cheap when it comes to things for me. I went in there was only one gal in there. Come to find out she was the owner and the only one that works there. Not the most talkative and she made a comment I was a little taken aback with when I said I wasn't feeling well she said oh so you thought you would come here in infect your the stylist? Well not sure what you would like me to say but ok then. Besides that my hair turned out very cute, and I'm now going to get one of those super cute flat brush's!


  1. That is the cutest3D Scooby Doo Blanket ever! I love it!

  2. My husband sometimes has a short temper with our little one as well and it drives me crazy!

  3. Wow... sounds like too much male testosterone in the house! The lack of disrespect would bother me to no end myself!

    OK - she must be the world's best crocheter in the world - both the blanket AND Care Bear are amazing!!!

    And your hair does look good - sorry you had such a stylist with "attitude"... I totally would have coughed in her face when she made that remark!

  4. sheesh... i dont know how you handle it all! but your hair looks gorgeous!!!

  5. I agree with Rebecca too much Testosterone in that house poor thing! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well :(
    But it made me laugh because I need my eye brows done and a hair cut so bad! I haven't gotten the brows done since January and the hair hasn't been cut in over a year!!!

  6. LOVE the hair!
    Sorry you had to deal with mucho 'tude. I'm sick too right now and HAVE to deal with the attitude thrown at me by the kids. I do NOT, however, have to put up with 'tude from The Dude.

  7. Oh I love that blanket and the bear so cute :) can't wait to see what else she made!

    Wow on the male attitudes :) hang in there you know I'm sure they do grow-up sometimes in life LOL

  8. First of all, you know about my issues with men...haha! Kick his @$$! And when is Roy boy going home? The school year is up!

    You look super cute, as always :)

  9. Totally adorable blankie and bear! You know how I appreciate the handmade stuff!
    I think I would have had to smack Rick if he did that to me. Ok it may not have come to blows but it would have been an Armageddon like blow up.
    Get yourself a flat brush - it's all I use and I LOVE mine! That reminds me...I need to get my hair trimmed and my lip waxed too.

  10. LOVE the hair!
    Sorry you had to deal with mucho 'tude.
    Totally adorable blankie and bear!

  11. First... awe no-he-didn't!

    So what is the official count down now??? Just a week or two right?

    Secondly... WOW! what a cute, CUTE! hair cut. LOVE IT!!!!

  12. Love you hair -- That is how I cute mine -- I just need to get back and have it done. So easy to take care of. I love the Scooby Doo -- to cute! TFS

  13. WTF? Who told the males in your house they could talk?

    I can't believe the stylist said!

  14. All I have to say is men. They can be so ruff and rude at times. I hope you are feeling much better. We love the carebear for sure. My favorite part was seeing your poser face. That brush is way cute.

  15. Wow, grandma did an AMAZING job! So impressive!
    As for Rick, Roy and "friend"... I'm shocked you put up with all that stuff. You're a saint, no doubt about it. I'd have hid that Pampered Chef tool AFTER I hit them over the head with it.


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