Friday, May 22, 2009

Cole's Summer Concert ... Do's & Don't (Learn from my train wreck)

I interrupt these reviews for a funny post of my tales of what not to do for a kids concert. LOL .. I first want to thank you all for all the sweet and kind comments that you left me. Really my friend is a sweet person and I don't want anyone to think anything else of her. I love having sassy say it how it is people in my life. They keep me on my toes and say the things I hate to hear but need to hear. "Like you know your rear is really large these days" ... Oh wait I reserve those comments for my mom .. :).

So let's start our little adventure in preparing for Cole concert! Oh wait these are things you DON'T want to do since you will be very disappointed and cuss at yourself under your breath since you are in the house of God watching a performance. A few hail Mary's for Grandmothers sake and your back on track, well the most you can expect in this "Train Wreck of a life, Where o one gets hurt" ... Thank you Laura @ Hey what's for dinner Mom? for my new favorite description of my blog ... You rock and that is so sad but TRUE!

So yesterday while getting ready for dinner, camera in one hand and mail in the other. My lovely right hand has a spasm and drops the camera (when PG with Caden I got some weird thing where I loose the ability to hold things in my hand, all of a sudden it just opens and drops whatever is in it). Now this poor camera has been dropped and all types of things before. Today of all days is the day the camera was ON which meant the lovely telescope lens was out, and guess how it landed. Yup you guessed it lens side down, my lovely camera has seen a better day before this but now it's time to bury it :(. So the funny side note is last Friday I came across the deal of a century and ordered a camera ... for anyone who knows DH it was a giveaway gift ... GOT IT!!! So yippee new camera coming, not so yippee it won't be here for concert time!

Break forward to Thursday morning running around like crazy, Rick is leaving for work so it's nuts around here! I run out just in the nick of time remembering to grab the video camera and the cord to charge it at work. Of course running late, thankfully only have to come to a screeching halt 2 times and barely missing the car in front of me! Oh boy do I need coffee! Run in drop Cole off and drop the other kids off too, sorry Caden you have socks and no shoes today! Run to work only 9 minutes late! Rock on, really that is good thinking I left the house 18 minutes late.

Work was nuts, almost time to leave when I remember I better charge the camera! Guess what I grabbed the wrong charger! Really who the heck did I piss off in a former life? Well I guess I have enough juice to get thru the 20 minute performance. I did even remember to barrow a camera from work so I could take pictures also. Check my cell and missed a call from Cole's school, oh GREAT!!! Did I mention earlier this week Cole decided to run right smack dag into the swing set. A whole play yard the size of my whole lot, and he runs into a post. After she told me he was ok, I started to laugh because only my kid would do that. Yes she thought I was strange and said so to the daycare lady who said no she's not a mean mom she just knows Cole. So I call and leave a message, of course worry all the day about it!

Leave work and pick up Caden and Roy and make it to Cole's school with 10 minutes to spare to change clothes. I run in and right into Cole's teacher ... in my head saying oh please don't let it be bad news ... I can't take it that he cussed again in church. I may just have to not claim him anymore ... LOL that or duct tape my DH's mouth so he won't say anymore bad words! But no it's my little hyper energy bunny couldn't sit still during music practice and even was called into the principals office to be talked to. Oh great he's 5 and already in the P.O.'s office oh stop I didn't say Parole Officer .... :).
So while I'm getting him dressed I have a VERY stern talk about behaving or that I may have to string him up by his toes ... LOL :). On a positive side note he behaved rather well and I didn't have to duct tape him ... just playing. Now back to my lovely story, I set Roy up with the Video camera and me with the regular camera. We are all set right? So being the smart mom I am I brought a bag FULL of fruit snacks and apple drinks, I know no food in chapel but I had to! Well that was fun while it lasted! They had us in there 20 minutes early, just enough time for Caden to eat 6 bags of fruit snacks and a apple juice, I had my girlfriends daughter with us and poor thing only got 2 bags of fruit snacks and at least a apple juice! Did I mention this was before the play even started!!!! So at this time Caden has a melt down and wants to go walk around, oh great! Thankfully that is about the time my friend came in and sat down. It's great to have wonderful friends ... remind me in a few weeks I have a post about friends. How they are like angels, some come in and out just in the nick of time, some stay around and like the kind with wings that stay with you and then my favorite kind (NOT) are the Hell's Angels those ones that take you for all your worth and a pain in my Arse!! Yup I'll leave that for another day!
I end with the performance of the video camera that has very little battery that had even less of a tape. Yup I think I got a total of 3 minutes on the tape, Note for next time buy EXTRA tapes ... they are cheap just buy them for Pete's sake! Try the camera that doesn't have the best zoom and oh yeah about the same battery life as the amount of tape you had! Welcome to my wonderful world of pure dumb luck!

So there you have it what not to do when your precious child has concert.
  1. Charge the Video Camera the night before
  2. DON'T drop you camera and kill it the night before!!!
  3. DO buy EXTRA Tapes and also KEEP them in that bag (yes I've also done that one too)
  4. Slow down and make sure you have all items done BEFORE leaving the house!
  5. The BEST step ... Put the kids to bed, make a cup of coffee with Irish Creme!


  1. Great list. Especially #5. Could have used that last week for our little spring concert. Did not charge the video camera so we got all of 3 seconds of video, which oddly enough, was OK.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. What a great post. I miss the giveaway. J/k. I love the coffee at the end and the tips rock. Have a great day my silly poser friend.

  3. OH LEXI... words to LIVE by.. well especially that one with the "coffee"!! TOO CUTE.. you have GOT to go do a Story Book on Fishful Thinking (here is a link to my post on them
    Just click on the book. I bet you'd have a good shot at winning the $10,000! Yeah I'm an Ambassador and I get points if you do this... BUT Lex, you are SO funny and even in the face of stress, doom and gloom you are SO optimistic and FUNNY AS HECK! Go do it.. send the boys to college with it, then make them buy you a life time supply of "coffee"!!!!

  4. hehe... loooove #5, heck cant we do that every day!! lol!

  5. I swear I could relive my life through you! Do you ever think the 'diaper bag' stage will pass? One day the kids will help you remember this stuff by reminding you how we screwed up when they were younger, lol, oh yeah they do that one day... :)

  6. I forgot to say how darn cute that 'little' man is in that suit, the other one is cute with his mouth wide open muah, or is it mauh? :)

  7. Oh the coffee sounds good right about now. Cool list, could sure use it :)

    Cute pictures!

  8. oh man! Well at least now you know for next time. You are always so busy, how do you have time for it all?

  9. So I am assuming you were referring to me? Train wreck? :) I am glad you don't need to be surrounded by yes-men, it's refreshing to have a friend who doesn't need kissing up to.
    Of course the batteries were dead and you had no tape, you are a real person.

  10. Oh man... I was stressed for you just reading it all... loved you still got a picture of Caden crying... a true blogger right there!

    Look at your handsome boy in that bow tie!! :)

  11. Great List. I take the camera, with a full card and have to quickly decide what to delete.

  12. I think you need to have that hand checked out girlie! I wonder if it is corpal tunnel. Great pictures as always! You are such a hoot!


  13. LOL!! What a crazy life you lead!
    He looked adorable, no matter what came out of his mouth! =)

  14. Ok, so SEVERAL of these things have happened to me. Like the time for my youngests first birthday, I took what I thought was a whole roll of film in pics, and when I went to take the film out, there was NOTHING THERE! Sickening, I tell ya!

    Cute funny!

  15. I am so organized I always make sure I have batteries, my camera stays in my bag till I need to use it. I don't have a video camera so I'm safe there.

    Loved your post -- you were one busy mama. LOL
    Sorry about the camera that sucks.

  16. Love the tip about the coffee! Where were you when mine were younger?

  17. LOL! Thanks for the advice! I hope I remember in a couple years-LOL!

    My MIL drinks Bailey's and milk and just calls it 'milk'. (I know better now! LOL!)

  18. Crazy, eh? You poor dear........These are the things they don't tell you when you become a mom.......
    Kudos for bringing fruit snacks! And I totally understand about claiming the new camera is a giveaway gift........been there, done that! Of course, many times for me my mom is the cover!

  19. Oh my goodness he is such a cutie!!!

  20. I'm all about #5. The others just aren't as important.


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