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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Organizing Shirt Drawers

My next place I tackled was the organizing the kids shirt drawers.  The boys go to a private Faith based school so we have uniforms.  I use to fold the shirts but then the boys would not like the top color and rumble threw the drawer and I would end up with shirt balls all over again!  I was checking out Pinterest the other day and found this great site that talked about how to make more space in the drawers.  I tired it and bam my problem solved the boys can now easily see the colors and now can just grab one and we are done!!  

Darkroom and Dearly put together these easy steps:

1. Lay out your shirt with the print facing up.
2. Fold the shirt in half length-wise, print still facing up.
3. Fold in your sleeves (this takes an extra fold with long-sleeved shirts)
4. Fold your shirt in half width-wise, with the sleeves tucked inside the fold.
5. Fold one more time width-wise.
6. Stack shirts in rows in your drawer with the patterned fold at the top.

Tada Done!  There is me doing it step by step with the boys uniform shirts!

This was another easy one to do and now when I do laundry it folds up easily and right back into the drawer!  I must say it has saved me a ton of time and I don't hear the "MOM I can't find the color I want" :).

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Ok, you've gone completely off the deep end with your organizing obsession! However, I find it completely adorable.

  2. I'm a sucker for hanging shirts to me it's easier than having to dig through drawers I say this because I'M so terrible about keeping things put back lol I'd search for something and knock a bunch outta place never fix it. LOL

    I like this idea though. Talk about easy for the kiddos to see what they have and can wear!

  3. Damn, woman - I need you to come over to my house and help me organize. The sad thing is - it would only last for a few days before it was right back to being a mess.


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