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Monday, February 25, 2013

Behavior & Homework Reward System

As most of you know my oldest that is 8 as brilliant as he may be can really give me and his teachers a run for our money.  He is a great kid but sitting still and focusing is not always something he can do.  We have tried many things over the years.  I am the parent that goes into the class every night talks to his teacher finds out what he has to do (what he didn't do in class) and makes sure his backpack has everything before we leave.  One nice thing about a small private school is it's easy to stay on top of these things.  

NOW homework and his willingness to do things has been a challenge.  For the last few weeks we have tried out a new system and for the most part it is working.  It's not perfect but I think more of it becoming routine the better we get.  Instead of earning money we earn what is called a fluffy (I found pom pom's at the dollar store).  We earn fluffies for getting up nice, having a good day in school, getting a good grade, bringing home all our homework, being done with homework before 6pm etc on and on.  We then have to PAY with fluffies for items we want like 1 1/2 hours of TV/Electronics cost you 5 fluffies (this is a max per school day), YMCA camp (done monthly) cost 50 fluffies.  We can also LOOSE fluffies for any bad grade, bad day at school, not cleaning our room etc on and on.

So here is what I have set up, I think it turned out pretty good and he likes that he gets to see what he has and then he also see's what he needs to do.

What you Need:

Picture Frame 11x17 (found at Ross $11.99) 
Homework Chart (Dollar Tree $1)
Stickers (Dollar Tree $1 Each Packet)
Foam Letters (Dollar Tree $1)
School Themed Paper Decorations (Dollar Tree $1)
Dry Eraser (Dollar Tree 3 Pack $1)
Fish Bowl or Container (I had one but you can find one cheap $5 or so)

I took a blank chart found at the dollar tree and mapped out the days on one side and the task above (I did this using a permanent marker, since it will behind the glass and will stay).  I also added the rewards on the bottom with the cost (enlarge the picture if you want to see how I set it up).  I added some foam letters on top for his name and a few fun school themed stickers and paper decorations (found in the teacher section of Dollar Tree).  I then taped this chart down to the white mat that was in the picture frame.  I put it in the picture frame so now you can use a white board marker to keep your tally and then take Windex and wipe it clean each week to start over.  I have a tally at the bottom to say how much the week he earned, how much he used and how much carried over from previous week.  I think the fish bowl or something he can see threw to see how many he has is very helpful also.  I am having my husband hang this up, but like most things it is sitting around waiting for that ... lol.

Super easy and it really has helped us a lot.  I hope it can help one of you too!   Let me know if it works for you.


  1. That's a great idea. I'm glad it's working for you

  2. GREAT incentive! We keep jars for each of the boys (a mason jar) in which the boys can earn, or lose, marbles for behaving/misbehaving. Once the jar is filled, they get a reward (like going out for ice cream or one of those things from the dollar section at Target), but when they act up, we do take marbles out.

  3. What a brilliant idea!! I wish I would have thought of something like this when my Daughter was younger.

  4. Such a neat idea! Thankfully we don't have much homework yet, but it would be nice to have a chart for chores/routines. The kids get playing and forget to do the things they're suppose to do...and sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle... ;-)

  5. That's so creative and fun! I love the idea!

  6. That sounds like a good plan. Sometimes we have to think outside the box!

  7. Love this idea! I have been looking for a better homework and behaviour system and I love your idea! Visiting from Diana's PinMe link up :)

  8. I think I missed the boat on this with my boys, especially with homework. I have to tell my daughter to STOP doing homework & reading. I'm now trying a grown up version of this with my 8th grader. Challenging!!


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