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Monday, February 11, 2013

May the Force Be with You Valentine's Card

This weekend I had big plans to get all the boys valentines cards, treats and card boxes done ... BUT.  Well let's say a certain science project for Cole's class to make a Lava Lamp and the lovely display board that had to be done also took up MOST of my weekend!  Who knew a kids science project for a third grader could be so freaking time consuming.  That project I'll show next week.  This week I need to get the valentines done and posted before the actual date!

So needless to say I only got one done and it was the easiest of all the things I am going to do!  Jeez somedays I think I really need to rein it in ... oh yeah who am I kidding :).

I of course saw these on Pinterest and had to make them!  The boys LOVE all things Star Wars (oh yes boys after my and my dads heart).  I saw these May the Force be with You Cards on Stitch Creations.  

She was so sweet to actually give you a free printable in color or non color (click either link above to see the printables and her son that she actually took a picture of to make him part of the card ... very cool)!  I picked the color version and printed on some cream colored card stock paper.  I took my creative memories cutter and cut them down and used the blade to cut the whole for the glow stick.  It can be done with a pair of scissors also if needed (or a razor blade).  This really is so simple but what kid would not love a freaking glow stick card!  NOW one thing I learned is when you shove the glow stick in it will break which kind of is uncool when you give the card with a dead stick.  SO you use a glow stick that is broke to put threw to make the hole wide enough then take it out and add the new one.  I found this was the easiest to do, I did it for all the cards and only ended up with the one dead one!

This is going to be such a hit with Cole's friends, plus it gave me an idea of what to do for Cole's birthday invites that of course is going to be Star Wars themed :). 

Hope you all had a great weekend and for you who are stuck in the storm my prayers are with you!


  1. We are HUGE Star Wars fans in our house, so I absolutely love these. They had plain old, boring Lego Star Wars Valentine's at Target, but neither of the boys wanted them this year.

  2. That is so cute and clever! Excellent idea and I love home made cards!

  3. Those are cute! So hard to decide what Valentine to go with-so many to choose from.

  4. Our Grandson was over just yesterday and we gave him the cards we got for him to give his little friends. I am not sure he is into star wars yet..... that will happen soon enough

  5. CUTE!! You are so creative!!! I love these!

  6. Those are super cute! I bet his class will be thrilled with them.

  7. Those are so much fun!! Blake would absolutely love those! Maybe next year :-)

  8. L O V E it! :D

    <a href="</a>

  9. I'm a huge Star Wars dork too! :) I thought about those but backed out because I got sick. :( Didn't have time or inclination or energy or ANYTHING to want to do much of anything!

  10. Oh my goodness super cute! Going to pin for next year!


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