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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homemade Play Dough ... School Auction Gift

Now on to the next item I made for the kids auction.  I have made play dough in the past but why not show it again!  This was one of the easiest recipes to make and I bet you have most of the items if not all of them in your pantry.  I love using Jell-o it has a great color to it and of course the smell is great!  Ok NOTE to self DON'T make a post late at night when you've been working since 5AM you will end up typing Kool-Aid instead of Jell-o!!!!

Homemade Play Dough


1cup of water
1cup of flour
2teaspoon of cream of tartar
1tablespoon of cooking oil
½cup of salt
3oz Sugar Free Jello


Mix all of the ingredients, except for the jello. Microwave it for about one minute and stir. Cook for about 30 more seconds. Keep repeating until the playdough is dough-ish. Knead the playdough and place the jello to color.

I picked up some containers at the dollar store that reminded me of the containers play dough comes in and put it in there.  I made a label that said what it was and we were ready to rock and roll!

This is a fun item that the kids can help you make and then they have fun playing with the play dough after.  I hope you give this a try it is so fun to do and you can find some many great colors with the jello.


  1. I'm sure the kids are going to love your baskets

  2. HA! Finally one I've made before. Actually I make this fairly often for the boys. Yay!

  3. Kool aid!! That would smell wonderful. I have made the play doh but never using Koolaid.

  4. What a good idea! I like it because there is nothing harmful in it.

  5. Home made playdough is the best! I still like play dough - is that weird?

  6. Oh memories.... I used to love making homemade play-doh!!

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  8. That's a cute craft and easy to make. How'd it do at the auction?

  9. Thanks for the recipe! I actually never heard of adding the jello for color (and boy do I have a cabinet full of that!)

  10. I love making homemade playdoh but I haven't done it in so long! I think I'm going to this weekend thanks to you! I have also Pinned you and I'm coming from the Pin Me Link party. Feel free to check out my post and pin me if you like it!


  11. I've never heard of making it with jello! I use to be a preschool teacher. I'll have to keep this in mind!

  12. LOL! awesome post. Love the "don't try this late at night otherwise you'll write kool-aid". What a fabulous idea and I'm defintely gonna try this w/ my girls. Thanks!! :)

  13. oh gotta add - the colors are so pretty and I can't wait to smell it! 'cause you know, playdoh doesn't smell all that great. Luckily the girls are old enough to know not to eat it! :)

  14. Fantastic summer boredom buster! You're like THE funnest mom EVER!


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