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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adventures in Finding a House Cleaner

Since I work from home some weeks 7 days, leaving a little time for me time or for keeping things tidy.  It seems to never get done, well not to a great level.  Everyone assumes since you work from home you should have more time to do things.  It seems that the theory never works since you are always close to your computer it seems easy to always hop on to get just one thing done (that always turns into several things).  So when my boss suggested that I get a house cleaner I thought you know she is really on to something.

Well finding said person is the hard part.  Oh how I would love to find the pictured person above, cape and all but no such luck so far.

First Gal - Very nice, BUT she would hop from rooms like a bunny and only doing part of a job then hop back!  Doing so she would do what Rick called surface cleaning, nothing was moved and just the front of things would be cleaned.

Then came the list of working interviews -

  • Guy that through all the laundry on the bed and didn't mop the floors.
  • Girl that came a few times but was always late, would text me 20 or 30 min after scheduled arrival time that she would be late.  Worked over a 1/2 hr that I ended up paying for then the next week left a 1/2 hr early but took all the money for the full 2 hours.  Last straw was emailed 30 min after suppose to be here that she needed to change days.  Very nice but not reliable and TALKED too much (did I mention I work from home).
  • Girl that didn't even show up
  • Girl that showed up 4 HOURS late (mind you that was after pushing the time back before that).  THEN proceeded to be so slow and work 3 hours instead of 2 and wanting to be paid for that.  DIDN'T even get the front room or dinning room done (MIND you my house is only 1100 sq feet NOT large at all).  Oh yeah and did I mention she took one of my GOOD towels as a cleaning towel and it now has bleach marks.  YUP she hid it under some clothes in the dirty clothes hamper.
  • Girl that showed up 10 minutes late (that was after the email she sent about how she liked I put in ad being on time ... LOL).  Brought her daughter not knowing the working interview meant you would actually have to work!  Very nice did a pretty good job but was rushed (could tell had plans and did not plan on working). Daughter was nice but started to clean to and did like a child would clean.  She also didn't fold laundry, mop the floors and left the dirty towels in my kitchen sink!  Oh yeah didn't load or unload the dishes either.
  • Girl that didn't even show up, mind you after texting for a day or so to make sure she had the info and day that worked for her.
Several that replied to the ad but then when I replied back to set up a time never would reply (YUP about 30 of those).  One who replied she would show only if I paid her cash and a few other odd questions that made me creeped out and didn't reply to her.

So wish me luck I have 3 more scheduled for "Working" Interviews ... lol I'm sure the right one will come along and help me out so I don't loose my mind.  But in the meantime it sure does make for comical talks with my co-worker.

Oh and the best part was the snarky email I received from a person who thinks they are the Craigslist Police :).  
Just Fyi...No one wants to clean another persons filth for a measly $10 an hour. That's an insult.
For Mr. Snarky: Last time I checked Minimum was is $9.19!  People work fast food, pick up garbage and other things making just minimum wage.  So offering $10 hour for vacuuming, dusting and folding laundry REALLY sounds like a nice gig to me.  You can take your snarky email to yourself.

And I leave you with a smile! LOL have a GREAT day!


  1. you went through a lot! it is very difficult finding the right one. I am still searching after years and years. I had a few that was ok for the first three months, then started slacking. I had some nightmares like yours, and I had a few of the flaky ones too. yes, I know exactly what you are saying!

  2. Oh man! I work from home, too, and I get it all the time. The people that think we're home all day doing nothing. But news flash - we are working and that means we don't have time to clean. Ugh!

  3. Wishing you luck. I've been wanting to get one for many years now but do not want to go through what your going through!

  4. This all sounds awful! I hope you find a reliable person.


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