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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Cheer .... Lump of Coal Gift (Oreo Popcorn)

I am back from Boston!  It was a wonderful work-cation as I love to call it.  Yes I'm working full time but I'm also spending time with my bosses and their kids who are like family to me.  I left on Black Friday and returned late this past Thursday.  It's around a 6 hour flight and 3 hour time difference.  I'm still a little jet lagged and a lot of work to continue so bare with me as I adjust back to real life here at home.

We had a party to go to on Saturday, I worked that am and got done checked my FB Events and it said 2pm so I thought I was fine.  Ran around picking up last minute things to make the gifts for the funny gag type gifts.  Well along came 2pm thinking I would be an hour late I text my friend to find out the party time had been changed to 11am and they were just finishing up.  So I halted took the food I made and headed up to her house.  It worked perfect we missed the party but we were able to play and Santa riding a sleigh pulled by firetrucks stopped by her apartment complex so it wasn't that bad of a day.  I'm left with a few gifts that my friends will be getting son.

The first one I made was a Lump of Coal, I found the idea of Christmas Coal Popcorn on Free Fun Christmas.

I hit up the dollar tree and found a fun stocking that looked like a Santa Suit.  I couldn't find the Santa Bottom like in their picture but I think the stocking was real cute!

What you Need:
Santa Stocking
Clear Bag
Coal Popcorn (see recipe)

2 bags microwave popcorn, popped
1 (6 oz.) box candy canes, crushed
1 pack Oreo® cookies, crushed
1 1/2 packs Almond Bark

1 1/2 tsp. peppermint extract or a few drops of peppermint oil

1. Melt the white chocolate almond bark according to the directions on the package. Add the 
peppermint extract or oil to the almond bark and pour over popcorn.
2. Pour the popcorn in a very large bowl. Mix in crushed candy canes, Oreo® cookies and 
half of the melted almond bark over the popcorn and stir. Repeat using the remaining 
almond bark.
3. Pour popcorn on waxed paper and allow to harden. Once the popcorn has hardened, 

break into pieces and enjoy!

ALEXIS NOTES: I used my Blow Your Mind Microwave Popcorn instead of Microwave popcorn bags.  I think it's easier and tastier :). I also skipped the peppermint extract just let the candy canes do the flavoring. 

After you make and bag the popcorn (I put mine in a clear bag and tied with a bow, I Goggled Coal Gift Tags and printed and added it to the bags).  I then put the bags of Coal into the Santa Stocking.  I added some stuffing into the bottom to make the stocking to prop the popcorn up.

Hope you are all have an amazing weekend!

Thanks for Stopping by!
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  1. Another wicked cute creation!!!

    And it was seriously awesome meeting you in person. I can't wait to do lunch again the next time you're back!

  2. Very cute and I'll bet it's really tasty

  3. Hi Alexis, how lucky you are to have such a long vacation. :-) Could you also please tell me where I can find a boss like yours? Where in the world can I find a boss that I can party with and with his family have a great situation and I am glad to know it exist. :-)

  4. How creative and it looks yummy as well! :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed a great work-cation and this treat looks scrumptious! :)


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