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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Treats ... Oreo Bunny

And we finish our Easter Treats with these super cute Oreo Bunnies that I found on Inside Brucrew Life.  She did her's on cute Paper Straws with labels.  I did mine with out the straws and added to a cute bag so the kids can take them home if they would like to take them home.

What You need:
Wilton Melts (White - I used the Marshmallow flavor)
Wilton Candy Eyes
Heart Shaped Sprinkles (Nose)
Flat Marshmallow (S'More Version)
Corn Syrup
Pink Sprinkles
Bunny Cookie Cutter
Wilton Black Candy Melts Pen

This is a little time consuming but so worth it, they turned out so cute!

Step One:  Twist apart the Oreos.  Flatten one end of the straw.  Put the flattened end inside the Oreo with a little bit of melted CandiQuik.  Place the top cookie back on and let set.

Step Two:  Cut out the ears.  Place the flat marshmallow on the counter and press with the cookie cutter so only one ear is made at a time.  Remove the cookie cutter and use scissors to cut away the rest of the ear.  Go ahead and cut a small part off the bottom at an angle so it will attach to the Oreo better.  I have the steps for this in the next picture.

Step Three: Next you will start dipping the Oreos in the melted CandiQuik.  Make sure you have the candy eyes, pink sprinkle noses, and tweezers very close by.   Dip each Oreo at a time by spooning chocolate over the whole cookie.  Tap off the excess chocolate very gently.  Place the chocolate coated cookie on a wax paper lined tray.  Place the candy eyes on.   Use the tweezers to drop the pink nose on.   Do this right after dipping the cookie in chocolate, so it is still wet enough for the sprinkles and eyes to attach too.

Step Four: Dip the angled end of the marshmallow ears into the chocolate and carefully attach to the top of the cookie.  Finish the rest and let them set up.

Step Five: After the chocolate has completely set up, use the paintbrush to coat the center of each marshmallow ear with corn syrup and then sprinkle with the pink sugar.

Step Six: The next thing you will do is melt the chocolate CandiQuik.  Using a toothpick very carefully draw on whiskers.  Let dry.  Flip the cookies over and attach half of a miniature marshmallow for a tail using the white chocolate. Let set again.  

ALEXIS NOTES: I skipped the paper straws, so step 1 I skipped. I just cut the ears out didn't cut them at the bottom like she did.  I'm all about the easy :). I used Wilton Melts instead of CandiQuik.  While the cookies where wet I attached the ears. I used Wilton Candy Melt Pen for the whiskers.  I skipped the tails also.  Her Step 7 is attach the Tag, Mine was to add them to a bag for the kids to take home.

Any Easter Parties or Plans?

Don't forget to see the parties I link up to HERE.


  1. I could seriously sit down and eat about 26 of those in one sitting!

  2. Adorable!! I'm sure they're yummy too!! Nicely done, Alexis!! xo

  3. Those little guys are adoreable. Bet the boys loved them.

  4. Alexis, you are so talented and creative! Love how you did these cute lil bunnies for Easter. The kiddos are going to love making these!

  5. To make one I think it would take me a day and a half! LOL! These are so cute Alexis!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Those are too cute!!! You did an awesome job! :-)


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