Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh Bathroom why do you torcher me?

LOL again you’re like what the heck Alexis is with the bathroom post! Well I must share my frustration with you! Monday was a holiday which most people had off, now since the cut backs at work I have Monday's off. So I had the lovely pleasure of having everyone at the house home with me! Yippee for me I also was not on the schedule for my 2nd part time job, crap 3 weeks in a row and I SO need the hours! I did get a little training in while hubby got to sleep in, yes he worked his 2nd job and didn't get home until 4am but man the deal was I wouldn't take the kids to daycare because he could take care of them. So darn I didn't get hours but thankfully since I had crazy boys hanging out with me! Rick got to sleep until 1pm (lucky 8 hours!) and I got to get up at 7:30am with the boys. Before I can get to the bathroom fun I so have to vent bare with me! So I was doing my training trying to read while the boys ran around nuts. Now for my previous job I had to read a book called "Non-Verbal Communication" I think my exchange student read the same book. He has this down to a science mind you he is 11 has a cupboard FULL of just his food that he can eat at anytime, but as my husband says he's been spoiled and only wants food I cook. So I'm reading I told the boys I would have breakfast ready around 9:30 heck not a bad hour right? Now here comes the NVC he does the passing thing he will walk into the front room look at the TV and then walk into the dinning room were I am look at the fish tank and then sigh and walk out. He'll do this for about 5 or 6 more times, I'll look up and tell him I'm almost done dude I'll have breakfast ready soon. Looking at the clock 6 times is not going to change it. So then he tells Cole (he doesn’t know that I heard) to come ask me about breakfast. I come around the corner and as nicely as I can at this moment (yes after counting to 10) that breakfast will be ready AFTER I finish my work around 9:30am! Yup that was my morning!

Fast forward to my trip to the bathroom to find my pet peeve. And asking the certain person why they didn't tell me (mind you I've had this conversation around 6 times). What is so hard to tell me, crap (sorry no pun intended) I'm not asking to change it, just TELL me. Who wants to go into the bathroom to find this! So here is my demonstration that I'm really thinking of putting up on the WALL! Take that Wall Talk (which is an amazing words for your walls that I want to win), this is my ode to what I need ... LOL.
Look I used the last of the TP
Concept take the empty off the bar!
Drop the empty in the garbage can conveniently next to the TP holder!
Look I keep a STOCK in the bathroom.
You don't even have to stand up!
Place a new one on the holder!!
Ta-Da all done in less then a minute!!!


  1. I know it seems I am always the one who walks in and find that, and it tortures me too! Otherwise I would like to torch his pile of clothes I find on the bathroom floor every morning after he waltzes off to work!

  2. Mine grab a roll and leave it on the counter instead of changing it.

  3. I'm telling you men and Cammie come on girl it's suppose to be just the boys I complain about ... LOL.

    Pseudonymous I guess they at least take one out? LOL mine can't even bend mind you not taking their rear of the toilet to grab a new roll. Nope they just pick every bit off the roll to wipe and then off they go!

    Ugh ... just wait for the post about the toilet seat, heck I'm a roll why stop ;).

  4. Oh my gosh. I think every mom has to put up with this!! I also have to deal with cold showers or no shower due to one bathroo, five people and one of them is an 18 year old girl. Good luck retraining them!

    Thanks fo stopping by my blog!

  5. That's my pet peeve too!!! I like your step by step instructions.

    It's the worst when you realize (after using the potty) that there's no tp on the roll....and there's no tp anywhere in the bathroom. What kind of insensitive and unthoughtful person would leave another human being in such a predicament?!

  6. Rachel I agree as you sumble cross your legs to paddle to the hall closet, bump your knee try to stop from cursing out loud. Then you stumble back of course knock your knee again, this time you let out a yelp! Get back sit down and think really! I'm not a big camper and air drying is not a fun thing either! LOL

  7. Jenny I hear you about the bathroom we have the same 1 room for 5 people, thankfully only 4 use it currently. My exchange student is like a girl, that 11 y/o boy spends 45 min in there every time. Showers for an hour! We had to put a timer in there and let him know 5 minutes is just enough! LOL

  8. Jenny I hear you about the bathroom we have the same 1 room for 5 people, thankfully only 4 use it currently. My exchange student is like a girl, that 11 y/o boy spends 45 min in there every time. Showers for an hour! We had to put a timer in there and let him know 5 minutes is just enough! LOL

  9. About the only thing I can not fault my fiance for is his impeccable bathroom etiquette...he never leaves the seat up and he always repalces the tp...now the girls are another story, they never do it and it drives me nuts!

  10. My son also puts the new roll on the counter and not on the dispenser. My biggest pet peave is when I am half asleep and I go to sit on the toilet ant the lid is up. I HATE that - it really makes me postal!

  11. That's easier said than done. And what gets me is, you know you used the last bit, so freaking put a new one on. It's not like you don't know how. Or at least put a roll on the toilet tank. That's almost as bad as leaving the toilet seat up and sitting on the cold rim at 2am in the morning.


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