Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chili Bake Off Update!

Well Tuesday was the chili bake off at work even though it ruffled some feathers the turn out was overwhelming. I think I counted 8 different types, even a white bean and chicken. I made an amazing recipe from one of my favorite ladies Christine aka Mistress of Cakes @ –Maman and Gourmand. She posted an amazing 5 alarm Chili, that I made for the cook off and it was a HUGE hit, thank you Christine :)! The Chili bake off was fun, would have been nicer if we could have do it with votes and see who had the best just for bragging right if nothing else. But nope it still got someone undies in a bundle! But I must tell you something I heard that made me actually fall off my seat (which mind you is not an easy thing to pull my butt off the floor). The person that caused all the problems actually said "This was a nice idea, and what a great turn out". You got to be kidding me! You made a huge stink and made it so we can't do votes because it took over your precious Mardi Gras theme, but NOW you like it! You should have heard the thud when my rear (which I couldn't believe could make a sound with all that extra fluff) hit the ground! Shock and Ahh is all I can say! If you're new to my blog go back to this post to find out why I'm so amazed Ode to Friday 13th...

With that I leave you with some fun pictures of all the chili and one of my friends who's an engineer here.
TMI embarrasing moment time, now you know the day before this cook off I was sick as a dog and laying in my bathroom wishing that I could just curl up and sleep it off. Well I wish I could say I had some of these yummy chili's but I stayed far away. Nope I stuck to the banana pudding, the best way with nalla waffers! But now for the embarassing part, you now I'm crazy and just tell it all. So I'm almost finished for the day counting down the minutes hoping the rumbling in my tummy is just that. I'm chating with Rick and tell I must go now, I make a mad dash to the bathroom. Well more of a waddle hoping that I will make it there with out having to hide another pair of undies so Rick can't laugh at me. So I thankfully make it to the bathroom to find another person in the other stall. No worries I can do this, that is not what my body was thinking. So a gush of air came out of me which mind you was not quiet at all, along with more things that I will not mention. The poor person next to me I mean ran from the next stall washed their hands so fast and ran out the door. Yup at this point I'm praying they don't reconignize my shoes. You know with only 5 women in the office the chances of them knowing it was me is so slim, right??? Yup embarassing huh? And yes I just shared that with the world ... Ok stop your laughing, pull yourself off the ground and just be thankful this is me and not you. Yup so much comfort is coming from your on going laughter, oh shhhs up! I can still hear you!!!

Yummy check it out!
This is mine and I remembered the crock pot liner!!
3 more entries into our non-judging contest!
2 more entries :).
4 more entries (including mine)
My friend Brian, his wife Rachel is one of my favorite bloggers :)
Which means come on girl I'm waiting for an updated post! :)

This is all that was left. Rick's dinner :)


  1. Looks yummy and looks like y'all had a good time, even if you didn't get to enjoy it.

  2. My husband makes a mean chili with chipotle, uses beef, pork and lamb. He made it on Sunday and we had leftovers. Imagine my disappointment when I got my bowl and spoon ready to heat up some spicy goodness and I open the fridge and it was gone. He took it to work for his own lunches! Selfish Bastard!!

    And remember, What Happens in Ladies Room Club Stays in Ladies Room Club!

  3. I can top your TMI, but I would not share it here, and am not a one upper!

    Yours looks good, now I will have to try hers, which I wish I could cook every recipe I see on blog, its hard, when I already shopped for other things, you know that!

    Glad it went well, and isn't it nice to breath after it is all said and more ways than one, lol

  4. The chili is making me uber hungry for a chili dog plate (Hawaii..chili, red hot dog, cheese and white rice with a side of mac. salad)...mmmmm

    And you had me dying about the bathroom story :)

  5. I've never made a chilli. I've made probably everything else on the planet, but for some odd reason, never attempted a chilli. I think I'm scared they'll take away my "native Texan" card if it sucks.
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  6. That figures that the old bitty said that! Ha! Too bad you did not feel well enough to eat it, BUT banana pudding? Yum, my favorite, so at least you got that! Woo hoo!I have so in your postition sitting in the bathroom stall and praying no one recognized my shoes. I thought I was the only one!

  7. I so wish I could tell you it was yummy but I'm still on the chicken soup diet, not by choice! I so would love some yummy food, but I can't have another bathroom experience here at work ... LOL. They may just ban me to the boys bathroom in the back next time ... ha-ha

  8. BTW - Chris O found your blog. Isn't she the best?

  9. lol. hope you are feeling "much more betterer"



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