Sunday, February 8, 2009

What does one do when home with only one kid?

Yup you read that correct my dear hubby took Cole and our exchange student Roy to a hockey game. He very sweetly asked if I would like to go and bring Caden, but I so sweetly said no I'll stay home (while I pushed them out the door). So what to do with one kid and 4 hours by oneself, you know it you read peoples blogs try to avoid the kitchen that keeps calling my name. My mom even came over this morning and took Cole for a few hours (yes I know I thought I was dreaming). Even better Rick stayed home and kept the other two busy while I had a nap. I know you never thought you'd read those words from me. I actually got a 2 hour nap today, which almost adds up to 8 hours. Since I worked at my 2nd job (a call center job I do from home) until around 2:30am, stayed up talking to Rick who got home from his 2nd job (he does event security part-time) around 3am. So finally around 3:30ish I fall asleep and guess what 7:30am the boys wake up and are great to rock. So 4 hours of sleep and a 2 hour nap is all I need for sleep right ... LOL

So you ask what I did I avoid the rice krispy treats (mind you with butterscotch chips in the middle) that mom brought over. Well I tried and did pretty well, I did have the a bowl of cereal for dinner. So not even close to Chef E but I try ... ok not really tonight I just wanted to stay away from that kitchen and those treats. Thank the lord she didn't bring cupcakes!

The evil (but yummy) Rice Krispy Treats check out the butterscotch chip middle

My dinner ... no that's not sugar it's splenda :)
See I show you the commercial the other day and here I am trying the diet
He're before I fell 2 times and got the big bruise on my head
Look mom I'm going for the treats :)


  1. I would have slipped the kid some benadryl (sp?) and got that nap! Oh no worries on the eating, I had shrimp for lunch and then kept tasting the marinated steak for tomorrows post, lol, now some sugar free cookies and a big ole glass of wine...okay its late, I started earlier :)

  2. E you crack me up, you sound just like my husband. He tells Cole that everynight when he won't go to sleep. It's a running joke at home.

    Yummmy wine!

  3. HA!! You crack me up.. I'm adding you to my reader. Thanks for coming and joining my giveaway!

    I like the matching underwear and bra comment.. I had forgotten about that.. I will have to pick some up for V-day this year! Must have a cute matching set for the new guy ~grins~

    Also.. you can make the hot dogs look like an octopus.. that will change things up for V-day.. hehe :)

    Have a fun holiday!


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