Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I Love Custom Blog Designs (and a bloggy train)

Before I get into the bloggy train of giveaways I MUST start with one of my favorite bloggers Diana is an amazing mom that also designs blogs and hello very reasonable too if I must say! For $45 you can get a basic blog design, which you know this girl is working hours on and is probably getting paid less then minimum wage, so go over there and TAKE advantage of her ... LOL. So you ask why haven't you had your done, well money is tight plus I have a deal with the God that she (yes I said she) will pick my name at random (uhm) for this amazing drawing that Diana is having. No I won't tell you about it because then you'll enter, oh wait no worries I have a deal right? And those always turn out in my favor ... LOL! So girls just check it out and apply then you can donate it to me ... ha-ha. Ok fine! Well let me just say I so need a new blog look because hello I'm a popular that you all love and come to visit each day. Don't you want to see a beautiful site each time? See it's really all about you, I'm that kind of caring person! =D.

Check out the amazing giveaway for a $45 basic blog desing (I know doesn't that rock?).

Custom Blog Designs

CBD Birthday Bash

Ok as I promised JUST for your girl some giveaways I found check them out :)

My girl check her out!

Go Graham Go
PLAY!: New CD/DVD from Milkshake Giveaway (3 Winners)! * New

Pledge Fabric Sweeper, No Squeeze Juice Box Holder, Kix by Katie, Glade Sense & Spray, Vado Pocket Video Cam


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Batter Blaster Review and Giveaway"/>

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  1. I hope you win the blog makeover, not that you need it! We come here for you, not what it looks like. Besides your posts can make anything beautiful! ;-) Have a good day!

    P.S. - we have another similarity. I LOVE classic rock too! You do have a wonderful dad!

  2. About half minimum wage! LOL!!! I am going to put all the numbers in a hat (actually probably a bag or bowl) and have my daughter draw the name...which we will video tape. FUN stuff!! Don't forget to come back for GAMES on Saturday!

  3. When I get the chance I will check her site out...and hope you win stuff...I actually went to a few of the sites and signed up...


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