Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm chomping down on Tums!!

So I must vent, some of you know I'm one of those very sit back kind of people until you get me going then hold back betsy I'm on fire! So for a while know I've been noticing the different moms that come and drop their kids off. I'd say around 10% smile and are nice, ok I'm in a hurry each morning also but I'm still pleasant and smile. So I must tell you the mom's I've come into contact so far.

Business Moms
Not unlike me, dressed nice for work (ok shhhs she's usually a thinner version of me, I'm going with the theory she hasn't had a baby recently. Oh wait ever it's my story). She will be the same one the walks in with an air of presence. Says good bye to her darling and then proceeds to leave the IN door. Ok this is a HUGE pet peeve, there are two doors mind you RIGHT next to each other! Both clearly marked in and out! But nope this woman will stand in the in door giving you a heavy sigh since you're coming in the IN door. Not only will she sigh but she will almost block the door since, hello you're in her way and she wouldn't even think of going out the OUT door! Sorry I ran into the mom AGAIN this morning, did I mention I was carrying 2 boxes of cupcakes and a bag of chocolate for the teacher! And the women not only partial blocked my entranced but had the nerve to huff and not even offer to help!

Yoga Moms
These moms flutter in to drop the kids off dressed for the gym and like me they don't always look like we frequent the gym. These moms are those moms you want to kick they are like the business moms except they may not work outside of the home. They are also typically door blockers. What is it ladies with the IN door, can't you figure it out?

The moms that even scary you a little. They are the business mom on steroids and you don't even want to mess with them. Sometimes you believe that kids are not really part of the plan but they will make it so they have everything they need except maybe for love. This ladies don't even wait for you to come in the IN door, nope they just push past you like your the fly on their windshield.

The Kitchen Sink Mom
These moms are the ones that are at EVERY event, EVERY field trip and are ALWAYS classroom moms. These moms amazing you and you wish you could be a little like them. But then again they are also the LEAD in all of these events and when you say something nope she tells you the RIGHT way to do it. Here I wrote about this type of mom a while ago
Life back to normal. Yup those moms that seem to have it all I swear must have breaks down, if Not I REALLY hate her ... LOL

Then us Regular MOMS
Yup us mom have it all together and make life look so easy ... NOT. Nope were the moms that are running morning, noon and night! We forget lunches and backpacks and have to run back home screaming and almost in tears thinking oh crap I'll be late once again. We don't know it all and have a freak outs, have to count to 10 several times (sometimes daily), we sometimes say words we shouldn't. and we're lucky some days to get clean underwear let alone a shower! Yup and darn it I'm proud to be this time of mom and YES I know the difference between In and OUT door!

Phew I know I'm a nut, it was just one of those mornings and I so had to share my random thoughts!

Well what I had intended for this post to be about that then lead me down this path is about sacrifice and having to make very hard decisions and sometimes falling on our sword. This last month has been a little tough, you know with the usual hard decisions. Rick and I had some real tough personal and financial decisions we had to make this last month. Don't get me wrong I love my life and family and a while back we decided that 2 kids is perfect for us. I love my kids and man do I bow down to you that have more, I really don't know how the heck you do it. I'm barely hanging onto the few marbles I have left with just the two and then add in the Exchange Student from ... well you know from where. Even though you make decisions doesn't make the reality any easier =D.

So back to where I had to go this week, a place I try to avoid with all my self control. As some of you know Cole is in a Christian school that is amazing and has been helping out so much. The bad things are that of course it cost money, my parents very nicely paid for his tuition for this year PreK. Now it's time to enroll for the new year which requires a new registration fee and yet more monthly fees. Well I've made a plan to work it out with Rick dropping him off and hopefully working with my schedule to pick him up early enough that he won't be in after care too long. Of course this will be $130 more a month on our end since I don't have my parents paying the tuition. But here it comes the thing I try to avoid at all cost, I had to ask my parents to borrow the money for the registration fee. Ugh yup I did it, I hate doing it! I love my parents but borrowing money is so not something you EVER want to do. They are not struggling and lending money is not hard on them but they are not the type to let you forget you borrowed money. I'm sure like with most parents everything comes with a price, even if you're paying it back you still had to ask for it in the beginning. So ladies that is where I'm at, ugh asked Dad Wednesday and I'm waiting to hear back how mom takes it ... ha-ha. You laugh but really this causes me heartburn and they won't let it down for YEARS!!! I feel like Lorelei Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, at least all she had to do was go to Friday Night Dinners. Mine will go on for a few years of gentle jabs at how they had to help me out! Ok I'm off to chew some more tums!


  1. Yeah its hard to ask the parents for money.
    My parents are the same way, they will let you forget that you even borrowed money. But not Travis' parents. Thats why we don't tell his mom anything. (we've borrowed money for our house and this yacht) She would hold it over our heads for the rest of our lives. So we opt not to tell her.

    Oh and I Love the things about the moms. I have to say that my sister in law is a momzilla haha

  2. First the different types of moms are SO true! I know quite a few of these moms and dislike the hell out of all of them!

    As far as the money thing goes I know how you oldest daughter's paternal grandmother paid her preschool tuition for me years ago (I'm sure it was because of the lack of child support I receive from her son) but still I never like taking money from anyone else...I feel that in doing so I'm admitting I need help and I hate doing that! But I do know that there's no shame in it and EVERYONE needs help every once in a while! Hang in there!!! Hugs

  3. I told my dad that I rather be living in a gutter than ever ask him for money because the he holds it over your head. (Funny thing was when I needed it ONE time he gave it to me but then...oh..well...lets just say it was nasty. It was actually my brothers money) In my family for years I have given, please not, given my parents money. A one time experience BORROWING money was hell on earth. My father never ever paid me back thousands of dollars that I gave him. I paid him back 2 weeks later.

    Much love and sympathy to you Alexis *hugs*


  4. I am with you on all accounts! If it was not for the in law grandparents house we lived in I would have been on far as us 'real' moms, we are titled 'Zest For Life Moms', our houses are lived in, we deal with stress through blogging, and we wear our sweats well in public (lunch stain spots on our chest and all), lol, but we always wear our good and bad hair days with gusto! Stand proud sista's! hugs girl :)

  5. Oh, and my little sister and I joke about how nasty the green tums are, so we always saved them for our mom who loved them, now if I have to take one and its green, then I take it for Mom! (may she rest in peace)

  6. I found you through Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.

    I can so relate to this entire post. The moms are soooooo true..
    I can relate to the parnet thing not letting you live it down and the jabs. That is what kills me.

    It is really nice to meet you!
    What a funny post.
    Eat more Tums and have a great weekend.

  7. My fav moms (not) are the ones who park in the quick drive through blocking both car widths then stay around to talk to the kid instead of a quick drop off making all of the other dropping off moms park in the actual lot out from under the drop off awning.

    Have a great weekend. and thanks for stopping by the blog.

  8. Girl, I hear you about those mom's. I wish I lived near you. You and I would drop off the boy's and make a few waves! LOL! I've had to borrow money from my parents before and absolutely HATED it! My parents are comfortable financially and have always been good to us kids but they have always been a little funny about the cash. You hang in there honey! Just remember you are on my list when I win the lottery


  9. Thank you so much girls for all your support. I love my parents but they are the worest to borrow money. I always feel like I'm never making it to their standards. And I know the same goes for Rick, poor guy will never had the best job for them.

    And those moms just kill me!

  10. I am one of those moms...guess which one?


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