Thursday, February 5, 2009

The moment that you know you need to go on a diet ...

When your in your own bed just relaxing your shirt is coming up over the belly and your like who cares it's just me in here! Then your four year old who decides that after 2 hours of being in his bed he's done and is coming to sleep with you. You enjoy these brief little moments with him until tonight! When he looks over at you and says "Mom your tummy is big" you say "Cole now that wasn't very nice" and he bust out with "What mom it is! It's getting bigger and bigger". Now at this point you want to pound the snout out of him, but then you think we'll he's telling the truth but still you don't want to hear it! It's like when someone innocently comes up to you and genuinely ask "When are you due". Now you really want to hit this skinny maybe 105lb little skank (yes in my mind she is, so just go with it) in the face so then someone can ask her when will her nose heal from her nose job. But in truth she is speaking the truth and you really need to loose weight.

It just boils down to kids they say things that are to the point and sometimes at the wrong moment in time. Like last week when I was at the grocery store with Cole who asked what that guy was doing. Well it turned out that guy was a girl who was very butch, now I have nothing against butch it's your thing. But when I try to tell my son your a girl and he tells me no I'm wrong and I'm trying to drag him away, stop giving me that evil hairy eyeball! Ok so what I was giggling but come on your hair is shorter then my husbands and don't get me wrong my build these days isn't famine (hello bob hair cut and jewelry to show I'm a girl). Yup got to love kids they tell it like it is, so it's not what I want to hear but it's what I need to hear as my mom would say! So girls the mission has started to loose weight, fingers crossed it works ... LOL. 3rd time is the charm right?

Here is my priceless commercial:
loose 80lbs for wedding
Get pregnant on honeymoon
Gain 60lbs with pregnancy
Loose 40lbs feeling pretty good
Get pregnant with baby #2
Gain back 40lbs plus some (sorry threw the scale out when PG #2)
Now I'm back where I started well hopefully minus a few lbs.
Yup priceless! Right ... LOL

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a commercial about weight that makes me giggle!


  1. Don't you just love it when our kids tell us all the things we know are true but don't want to admit to ourselves and never want to hear someone else say?

    My kids do this to me all the time...especially Nay Nay...she's always the first one to tell me I'm fat, ugly, or have a pimple. Ah kids...gotta love them!

  2. Oh man kids say the darnest things!

    Like one time, this is great, i was sitting in church and I had my mom's best friend's little girl on my lap.
    She was facing me at the time cause we were chatting ( i know i am going to hell for talking in church ;) ) Anyway the speaker gets quiet for a moment of thinking and out of the blue this little girl says "You have noes hairs just like Grandpa"
    Oh i was mortified.. she was like 2 i was 16... oh dear, i wanted to go out and buy a nose trimmer that day!

    Sometimes, every once in a while, i will look up in my nose just to see, if i really do have nose hairs just like her grandpa....

  3. that was funny! Out of the mouth of babes, I guess....

  4. Kids are brutally honest! It's God's way of keeping us humble. lol

  5. You girls crack me up and yup it's something I try to avoid but now really need to start working on. Debra I so agree, it's never a bad idea for a little humble pie. Ahhh Pie ... oh crud back on the wagon I go.


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