Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick Day and It looks like I offended some people

First off I want to start with how much I enjoy each of you and love your comments, and if you have an email attached I always try to send a reply. I feel like you took the time to read about my craziness and hopefully laughed that I can take the time to reply personally. I really hope not to offended anyone and I try my best, but it looks like my review of an adult website did that. I lost 2 followers ;(. I know this site is not for everyone but I would hope that the rest of my post show you what type of person I am and know that I love to have fun and just gab! So oh well I'm sorry I lost 2 it actually made me a little sad, I hope I'm able to get more friends along the way!

Enough self pity, well actually nope there is more to come. This is the fun part where I tell you TMI about myself ... LOL. So yesterday I was so sick, I mean bad. So I thought I'd post a funny about the thoughts that go thru a sick Alexis's head. Enjoy and if it's to much check back tomorrow, please don't delete me. Did that sound too desperate, what I am! I want lot's of followers like Cammie at Life in the house of no sleep..... she's been blogging for what 8 mo and has 85 followers. What am I jealous, hell yes I am ... LOL. Ok fine back to my original post:

Thoughts of a sick person:
~ How can all that come out of me?
~ I don't remember eating that?
~ If I sit on the toilet can I still bend over into the tub if needed?
~ Should I brush my teeth or just wait 5 minutes for the next wave?
~ Is passing gas really what will happen? Or do I need to run like I'm on fire to the restroom?
~ Can I rinse my undies before my husband can see and make fun of me?
~ I look fine to go drop off the kids! Then once you're there you look down at your shirt to see not all your throw up made it into the toilet. Yup I'm not to proud to admit this one!
~ If I ask enough or actually beg to whoever is listening to me will the pain go away?
~ Could I at least have had a fun night before this next time? I would have love to spent a night on the town and living up to feel this way the next morning!
~ If I make a bed here in the bathroom. Do you think people will step over me nicely?
~ Oh look Cole's stool to wash his hand is just perfect height for me to sit in front of the toilet!
~ Really if I take a sip of this it won't come right back up! Silly girl!
~ Won't this be a funny post for tomorrow. (Yup I really had that thought, see always thinking of you).

Yup that was my wonderful day yesterday! Really it would have been nice to have fun the night before then it's ok to feel like crud the next day! But to have nothing to claim and no one else sick, really bites! Aren't you glad I love you all and can share these moments! LOL Ok please keep me as a friend ... ha-ha. Back to my desperate cry for love and attention.


  1. Blogger did an update which affect followers.
    it wasn't you...just wonderful blogger. don't appologize for being yourself darlin! I hope you feel better!

  2. Yeah..it wasnt you!! http://twoofakindworkingonafullhouse.blogspot.com/2009/02/followers-on-your-blog.html

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog! Don't feel bad about your adult toy review! This is YOUR blog dammit! My blog is about saving money and stuff but yesterday I felt like posting about going to visit my OB, my male OB and how screwed up my mind gets when I go there. I know I have followers for my "type" of blog but I like to think it is refreshing to step out of the box from time to time and hey...if they don't like it then buh-bye! It's my blog and I'll talk dirty if I want to! Just help those non-followers pack - hehe

  4. yeah, what everyone else said about losing readers.....it seems to have been random

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved this post - so funny - but I certainly hope you're feeling better!

  6. Muah Thank you girls! You make me feel so much better, I was so worried about posting my review. I'm one of those needy types ... LOL. Always trying to please everyone! I'm so glad I have you guys! Muah! I think I got one back so that is better! Oh I got my package from Eden's Fantasy. Rick's eye's almost popped out, reivew hopefully up this Saturday with a Giveaway shortly after!! YEAH I'm so excited!

  7. LMAO!! I just blogged about losing a follower too. I am bummed.

    Yucko with the sickness....are ya feeling better now? Sounds just awful.

  8. Lex - I am glad you feeling better. Yep, NEVER trust a fart when you are sick!;-) Blogger did screw up yesterday and made some followers annonymous. They did that to me too. I thought E stopped following me and I was so upset! She put herself back to public and all is back right in my world!


  9. I hate being that kind of sick!! Get better soon.

  10. You....we love yuz juz the way yuz iz! There is one dog of a blogger I wish I would loose fo real...with their criticizing me like Gorden Ramsey stepped into my kitchen!

    I did not know that we can delete comments, so I took moderate off, and will just delete those buggers!

    *smooch* to yuz girlie!

  11. I'm feeling much better, thank you girls. Well better about losing friends, not better with my tummy! Let's just say today was not a pleasant day and then add on a chili bake off. Yup the smells almost killed me. Oh boy I so need to lay down but I don't think the little monsters will let me ... LOL

  12. I am so sorry you were not feeling well. I myself have been a very bad blogger lately, have not been on forever so I missed your review altogether. However i know the sadness over followers.....I only have 1...lol Oh well. Take care, I hope to be back to my bloggy self soon.

  13. Man.. i had that sickness too about a month ago!!!!! HORRIBLE!! And now Piera has it!!! We are passing it to each other! LOL!!!

    So, I'm glad everyone informed you of the blogger glitch that deleted umm.. over 50 of my followers!! I still don't have them all back! I had like 315.. and now i have like 264 or something ridiculous like that!!!!! This is crappy!!

    Anyway.. i'm heading over to check out your giveaway because we had family day on Saturday.. Im sorry i didn't come by.. please don't hate me and un follow me!! :(

  14. Hey...you know that blogger is doing a conversion on the followers thing...so maybe you didn't lose anyone afterall. Those 2 probably maxed out their CCs on the site! LOL!

  15. Hilarious! I can't believe you thought of blogging while you were so sick - but I hate to admitt I do it too. My little guy just got over baby measels and I contemplated taking WW photos of his rash spots (I didn't, I thought I would spare everyone). Hopefully all your followers found their way back - fingers crossed for mine too!

  16. Michele I'm sorry I'm a bad bloggy friend I always try to follow who ever follows me. I'm now offically a follower! I can't wait to read more :).

    Felicia how the heck could I hate you? You kill me you run a crazy busy giveaway site, work and hello a mom! I'm barely hang on with what I do ... LOL. You crack me up, much love!

    Diana I almost peed my pants from laughing you kill me! Max them out baby and make sure you tell them I sent you ... LOL

  17. Bleh I hate being sick...I loved the one about you rinsing out your underroos before your hubby noticed. That one made me laugh out loud.

    Oh and PS you aren't the only whose lost followers, blogger has had a glitch.

  18. Yes, I had thought the same thing, but then realized what everyone has has been saying......and some people I lost are back......Finally have enough followers to do the first big Gymboree giveaway!....There will be more of these as I get more followers, so tell everyone to head over to the Tiger Den!!!.....

    Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well.....Hope by now it's much better!!!

  19. Don't worry about offending people, geez, like, can't everyone just hang up their nun clothes and play nice? I was more grossed out by your blog post about sick than offended by sex toys. The visual of you leaving a poopy trail in your panties almost put me off my pudding cup.

    I'm sure you just got sick doing beer grenades before 10am. Duh, tuesday was Mardi Gras! The party gods were punishing you for violating this sacred religious holiday.

  20. Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed this post! (and scrolled down and enjoyed your toy review too) Come on by again sometime!

  21. Hope you are feeling lots better because running away sick is never fun. Oh and you are right it is never fun to be sick without some fun the night before. Somehow the sick seems just wasted, heh!


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