Friday, February 20, 2009

A Tease and Some Mild Irritations

Ok well the tease is more of a prelude to what is to come tomorrow. I love you all dearly and don't want to offend anyone. I've been ask to be first review ... YEAH!! The thing is it is for a really cool site, that some might not be interested in. I really won't take offense if you don't want to tune in tomorrow, but I will be over joyed to see you all and LOT's of comments :). Peaked your interest didn't I, it's like watching a scary movie not wanting to see those parts so you look thru parted fingers. You can do the same tomorrow, but it may be a little difficult to scroll down with your hand over your face ... LOL. Ok no more jokes the review is for Eden's Fantasy and adult shop that informs and sells all types of items along with adult toys. If your like me I'm not really a toy person but like any mom after having kids I want to feel pretty and sexy to my husband. Well actually more for myself, but we'll let him think it's all for him! So girls I hope not to offend, but to hopefully inform and of course make you giggle. Ok I feel better I love doing reviews and talking but I was so worried about this one and the content. As always I kept it light and fun and I'm excited to be able to do a giveaway soon for them. Hope you all will enjoy reading it even if it's not something your into, I love feed back!

Onto the fun of mild irritations, I just couldn't resist.

Yet another daycare one:
Going to park to run in to pick up your child to find the very limited space for parking full not that you couldn't find a spot. No but someone who is mind you sitting in the car while someone else ran in decided their car needed 2 spots! Really pull forward and fix it!

Going to get coffee to find some took the last of it, but hey they were nice enough to turn the burner off. Did I mention our coffee pot is the kind plumbed in? Yup you just have to press a button and the water flows right in! So the step of throwing out the old coffee, get a new filter and throwing a cup of new in was too difficult. Those 10 steps would have KILLED you!

Dropping off your exchange student (who is 11 and could walk to school ok at this age) 15 minutes before school starts to find that the crazy principal (remember my last comments on her) took him down to extended care. Going to pick him after school to be told that you need to bring him down and sign him in since they are not allowed to be there before 8, HELLO I was there 5 minutes before that. Really so all those other kids that got dropped off at the same time were carted down there also? Yeah that's what I thought!

Asking to BORROW money and been treated like you are committing the BIGGEST crime known to man! Ok I admit when I was young I was bad at borrowing from my units but now I'm grown and wouldn't stiff them. I love them for helping me out in a bind and I even had 5 checks prewritten and handed over the time of the money exchange. Really go ahead and cash them on the 5th of every month. But nope one has to hide this from another so not to get the other upset, did we forget I'm just BORROWING!!! I'm not asking for a loan I don't intend to repay! Why can money be such a hard thing!

And last but FAR from least, walking into the bathroom to find this! Well at least I should be happy it was sitting there. Is it an improvement? I just can't get over why this is such a hard concept. Now for sure I'm going to Kinko's this weekend and laminating those how to pictures from either this week!

Ahhhh I feel so much better!!!


  1. Okay, I am ready...tickle my fancy or is it fantasy :)

  2. You know I'm cracking up over the toilet tissue.

    Ok, I'm game, I'll be waiting to read your review. Make sure to test the product thoroughly. You might have to test more than one time :):)

  3. Do I have to read the review on the laptop in the bathroom with the door locked?

    I'm with Angela.. you'd BETTER test the products first.. who knows they might just give you Charlotte (ala Sex in the City) "issues" and I love ya babe but I'm NOT doing an intervention!

    Clicked ya by the way.. (had no idea you were a Jewish Times mom blogger.. he he. Not that that's a bad thing, refer to the happy ended Charlotte got in the Sex in The City movie!)

  4. I can't wait to see your review tomorrow! So I assume you were sent the product before hand? How did you get chosen to do this?

  5. Today's the day!!
    Come on over to Custom Blog Designs and join the birthday party. There will be games, chats, prizes, and discounts! 10-noon CST.
    Blog Makeover winner will be announced by 7pm this evening.


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