Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hot and Sexy Review (Adult Eye's Only)

Hi Girls ok usually I keep this blog pretty on the PG side but I just couldn't resist for my first review to be something that is for adults only! We all need a little spice here and there in our life and what else can we ask for in our relationships but for a little something special. As some of you know I work for a call center part-time and one of the companies I work for is and "Adult Toy" show, now I know some of you are blushing but like the calls I get (well after we weed out all the cranks) they are genuine people that are calling for their first time and are so nervous or people that are returning customers. So girls here is a little fun, I hope you all enjoy if you want you don't want to read you can always turn in tomorrow you never know what kind of bathroom story I'll come up with next ... LOL.

Now don't worry I'm not going to talk about Rick and I, but what I want to talk about is just some fun "Toys" that you might just enjoy. Ok stop blushing, I know we all have been programmed that "Toys" are taboo. Come on I know a few of you have been to those passions parties, we all giggle and then drink wine. Who really wants to purchase items with friends around, it's really something we don't share (heck we're not guys and this may be fun but it's not a locker room). What I want is to either go to a store and browse, check stuff out on the Internet or place an order with an faceless person (someone like me). So girls with out further ado I want to introduce you to Eden Fantasys a wonderful website that you can browse and feel comfortable by reading and not feeling funny about looking at this stuff. I know we're all like little girls looking over our shoulders to see if we know someone or even worse our parents might see. I have a secert our parents (I know you don't want to think about it) probably have looked too. There is nothing wrong with looking and heck with buying somethings.

Eden Fantasys contacted me and asked if I wouldn't mind doing a review, heck ya I'm not shy and I love to talk (as you all know). Plus Rick and I have been married long enough to know that a little spicy never hurt anyone. Now I'm so excited about a new product they are introducing called the We-Vibe. Invented by a husband and wife team Bruce and Melody Murison. Bruce is actually an ex-Nortel Engineer (See I told you regular people buy and heck make these also). Using NASA technology to revolutionize sex toys, now doesn't that just blow your mind ... ha-ha I could have said blast off come on! Now here is something very interesting they said about this "toy" A new dimension in pleasure, the only dual vibe you can use while you make love. Raising your eyebrow aren't you? Oh come on I know we've past the blushing and I've peaked your interest! See I thought so, read a little blurb about this product:
This unique discreet vibrator is crafted in premium silicone and designed for hands-free pleasure. Rechargeable and phthalate-free, the body friendly material and powerful vibrations will arouse and delight.

Eden Fantasys did an amazing Q&A HERE about this new toy that you have to check out and heck while you're there you can browse and even test out some fun things. Oh shh you don't have to tell me what you buy and you can even start out with some Sexy Lingerie or Edible Treats. I'm telling you really you can just get some fun spicy stuff and not "Toys" or go for the gusto and get some "Toys"! Now that I made you blush and smile my job is done for the day! Check back soon and we might be lucky enough for a fun giveaway! Yes you heard me now make sure you comment and tell the other girls to stop by and comment, we want our first giveaway here to be something fun and sexy just like me ... LOL. Ok stop laughing and just pass it around and DON'T forget to comment!


  1. I am intrigued.....must come back when I dont have a kid on my lap.

  2. You had be at rechargable!

    P.S. I didn't feel the least bit embarrassed. Does this mean I'm a freak? Ha,ha!

  3. Debra I am with ya, no blushing here, matter of fact my 'toy' is out with his sister today, lol

    Bring on the information!

  4. I KNOW all these "blushing" and "programed to be shy" things CERTAINLY don't apply to me CORRECT?!

    Did you have as much fun reviewing as I did shopping.. he he

  5. stuff. I am jealous of your call center job! LOL! Off to check Eden...

  6. Fun Fun! I think though you should do a follow up post on some funny questions or comments you get on your call center job!

  7. Great review! I have to admit I'm doing a little blushing...
    But, looks interesting - currently sending a link to Hubs ;)

  8. I almost did a review for them and really love their products (that were given out by some awesome ladies at Blissdom) but my ad network put the kibosh on it. Is that a word? Kibosh? Well, that's what they did.

  9. Yeah TY girls for stopping by and commenting I really appreciate it. And if you think your blushing you should have seen me when I was writing it ... LOL not one of my usual things to talk about. I probably looked like I had an outbreak of rosiasa (sp?). Ha-Ha.

  10. On my way to Eden's Fantasies right now :)

  11. He he he, sign me up for that giveaway! lol, am I wrong to feel that once you have kids, there is little time to be shy? Sheesh, its no wonder people even have "time" to conceive more, but alas we find ways... Sounds like even more fun with afore mentioned toy!

  12. I have been a hide behind the scenes person on your site for awhile and I think that it is time for me to come out of the closet.

    I absolutely love your post on the "Toys", and I don't feel embarrassed about it at all.

    We have two teenagers and are getting ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary tomorrow. So we are always looking for "Toys". Loved the website.

    Sign me up for your free giveaway too.

  13. Shopping online is great but I've had some of the best times with girl friends visiting "adult shops" in NYC and here locally. But in NYC just observing some of the other shoppers was more fun that buying things. I went to a home sex toy party - like atupperware party. The host gave us cosmos to drink and before long we were waving around dildos and trying on outfits. There was one item that reminded me of a past boyfriend. I wondered if he was the model!


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