Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day ... Let me count the ways I love thee

Happy Valentines Day to me ... oh yeah! So it's only 11:30am and I think I've had enough of this day ... ha-ha. As some of you know I work a part-time job (yes a 2nd actual job besides being mom), but this one ROCKS it's for a call center and I do it from home :). Now the hard part I have to start Saturday's at 5am! So I reluctantly roll out of bed and shuffle over to my computer, thank the lord no one sees me at this time in the morning. I'm hitting a stride around 6:30am I hear Caden, so I fill up a sippy (oh ya did I mention we're off the bottle?) and shuffle to Caden. Where I find an oh so not happy little boy, I carry him into Rick thinking he'll cuddle up with him and go to sleep. No such luck 10 minutes later, mind you while on a call I hear Caden in the kitchen. Thru my foggy gaze I see Rick too, who tells me he needs an hour more of sleep. Of course, sure you go right to bed I'll do this job and take care of the 19mo old! No fail 20 min later Cole is up. By 7:30am it's a rocking and rolling around here, thankfully most people I talk to are pretty understanding about the constant "MOM" and screaming in the background! 10 min later and Cole want toast, sure no prob! Get 2nd cup of coffee and start on some toast, when our exchange student gets up of course. Well at least he comes in to the kitchen to see of course if I'm cooking something, see's I'm not and returns to his room and shuts the door, yup no hello nothing!

When I'm screaming between calls, Rick finally makes an appearance around 8:30 (yup 2 hours later). He then informs me that mornings are too crazy for me to do this job, oh I'm sorry I forgot you couldn't help in the mornings .... GRRRR Happy Valentines Day to you too! I thankfully wrap up around 9:15 and start on breakfast. Amazingly I say to Rick I'm starting breakfast, imagine who comes out of their room and stares at me across from the island, yup our exchange student. He then sees that it will be a while and huffs and sits on the couch, again no hello! Why me??? So I think I'll be sweet and make a nice Valentines Day breakfast for everyone. When Roy (exchange student) comes in and asked me where is the chocolate I'm "suppose" to give him. He then informs me that on valentines day it is customary in America to give chocolate. Well my dear you're getting breakfast, no I didn't go out and by you gifts because I didn't buy my own kids gifts! Jeez after my shock wore off I told him that was rude (yup I've come to my breaking point) and that I don't have any chocolate for him. Now some of you new to my blog may be going well that was RUDE, he's new her and just asking. In most cases I would be very polite and explain nicely, but we've been having nothing but problems with him with his gratitude and just plain being nice to the rest of us. I'll have to take a picture of the sign he put up, mind you in my house where I took one of my boys room and had them now bunk together. It reads "Welcome to my world", he's informed us several times that we're pretty much here to take care of his needs and he doesn't need to play by the rules. Well anyways!

I get breakfast almost done when I see Rick running by, oh crap he has to work and he's now late. So it looks like I'll have to find something better for dinner to celebrate ... LOL. Yesterday was horrible and I'm sticking with I hate Friday the 13th! So I'm now going to my happy place, no I'm staying away from the chocolate the boys got. I leave you with an over load of pictures, I just couldn't stop. Hey I'm trying to bring a little spirit to me.

A long time ago I heard a saying that has always stuck with me and I have been fortunate enough to have it happen to a few times in my life. That Angels come in and out of your life, sometimes they stay and sometimes they help and then flutter away. I had an amazing angel that came in to my life 4 weeks before my wedding and I never would have had all I had if it wasn't for her. Sadly I don't see her that often anymore, but I will always be grateful to her. A few months back I was luck enough to have a few Angels come into my life thru my blog, each day they make me smile and help me keep posted and stay away from that deadly funk I was in there for a while. A special Angel I want to highlight today is Debra check out her blog @ Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History. She is the kindest and most thoughtful woman, and I am blessed to call her my friend. Thursday (I had to save this for today, since it's V-Day) I got a second amazing gift from this dear friend. Check out my gift :) along with this was ANOTHER bag of box tops! I can't believe she is so awesome collecting these for me, Cole is so going to win. Yup that's all it's about ... LOL no really his school totally needs to the help!

Aren't these the cutest Cupcake Towels! Yup she rocks!

Cole with his V-Day Party loot

Yes those are cupcakes and cookies in the ziplock baggies ... pretty huh!

My Amazing Valentine from Cole.

Yup that is him WRITING his name!!! I'm so proud he's 4 :) The inside of my card! Yup a little teary. Plus check out my amazing I love you pot.

As you can tell I love PINK.

Yes my cup says It's not easy being a princess :) Now the start of V-Day Breakfast!

You know it "Semi-Homemade" Scones
Mix with a fork, hey it says that!
Knead on a flour surface.
Check me out kneading Queen.
Divide into 3 balls. Shhhs those are even sized.
Take ball and cut into four, like little pies.
Put on a greased cookie sheet.
Put in oven at 450 for 10 minutes
Yummy hot out of the oven.
Darn no raspberry jam, well Strawberry will do in a pinch.
My helper with the eggs (whipped like a champ)
Ahh V-Day Breakfast, too late for hubby so it's for me and the boys ... LOL
Yes I made an A out of the sasuage for Alexis :)


  1. Are you kidding me?? You made this fabulous breakfast while working and also while caring for 3.. i mean 4 boys??!!! Ok.. you are seriously super mom! No kidding! I can't even remember the last time I made breakfast. I mean, I put Graham's Oatmeal in the microwave every morning... but that's about as fancy as it gets!

    Oh.. and you do need to enter the fabric sweeper giveaway just because i feel like the blogosphere has forgotten that Go Graham Go exists bc NO ONE is visiting! What is up???? Did I do something wrong? Oh well.

  2. You make me feel like I seriously need to step up my mommy game...I NEVER EVER EVER make breakfast...I'm like Felicia in that I put the oatmeal in for Gaige, the baby still only takes a bottle, and the girls know how to make their own bowl of cereal! I refuse to make breakfast!

    Love the cute.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I work from home to so I understand screaming b/w calls and cringing when a huge noise happens on a call and hoping the person that I am talking to didn't hear it.

  4. Ok I'm going to have to do some serious promoting of my girl Felicia, even though I love the odds of less people mean I might actually win ... LOL But not cool you have the best giveaway!

    You and Misadventurous crack me up it's only on Saturdays and Sunday's this girl makes breakfast. I try to make up for the lack of nutrious stuff the other mornings .. LOL

    I know don't those towels ROCK!

    Heather you crack me up, so many times I've been asked is that a dog. Yup it sure is! One day a lady asked me what type and I was stumped had to say the type I had when I was a kid. LOL Cracks me up somedays. Other days you get real cranky people who are not amused to hear a kid :)

  5. Some of my fondest memories with the kids are making pancakes, eggs and bacon; eventually I taught my son how to flip his over easy eggs (he was tired of scrambled and wanted them like Denny's made 'em), and he did have a chef for a mom :)

    I love my gifts from Debra too! That is why I wrote you guys that poem for Valentines and because your simple the best a fellow blog can ask for!

    Keep up that energy girl it will pay off one day! Do not get me started with that student...ewwww I will say that my clients, who are Indian, and in the Asian culture all around they doat on kids big time, it is all about clients son talks to her in a tone I would have never put up with and she acts like she is scolding him when I am over there, but I know she lets him do what ever he wants otherwise...oooppps soap box is back under desk...

  6. WOW...those look awesome! Happy Valentines Day!

    Check out my first birthday bash at Custom Blog Designs. There will be a blog makeover giveaway, blogging tips, and fun!

  7. Your breakfast looks yummy! Hubby cooked us pancakes this morning AND cleaned the kitchen after.

    Roy is a little snot! When does he leave?

    I hope your day got a little calmer. Thanks for the shout out! You are precious! I am not an angel, I think YOU are! I am glad you like the towels. I am working on more box tops for you. When I get another decent sized stash, they are all yours!


  8. Mmmm... scones!!

    Hope you had a great V-day!

    Happy Sunday! =)


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