Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(semi) Wordless Wednesday ... Break Dancing Cole

I just have to share this video of Cole, he has some how learned break dancing (well his interpretation of it). After Madagascar 2 ended he started busted a move and I was dying laughing and had to tape it. Sorry yes I'm a dork and had the first part sideways, and my living room didn't show as bright as it really is. For you giggle of the day :).


  1. Is he dizzy????? The greatest breakdancers have to start somewheres. Can you even believe this is the one fad that hasn't faded since the 80's? Why is that????

  2. Man I was already asleep when you posted this one! My son came home one day and announce he was in a 'Crew', a break dancing group and went to Chicago once for a contest...we already lived in MO by then, but he was good, it gives them confidence in life to get that praise...I could barely see, but how cute,and to hear your voice finally!

    Now I can imagine the emails in 'color', lol

  3. " I like to move it move it... I like to move it move...."

    Woah.. sorry.. some of my inner cheerleader came out while watching him do his spins!!!

    LOL!! So cute!

  4. I'll have to post some videos of my lil man getting down he's too funny!

  5. LOL! That is hilarious and he is beyond adorable!

  6. LOL thanks girls, he is a true ham! I have NO clue where he learned this, all of a sudden the music started and he started busting out with all the spins! He cracks me up, he told me a teacher at school taught him, yup I so see that! Christian school always has a hip hop class :).

    Sorry it's so dark in real life it's fine, but you put a camera in there and it's dark as heck.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday Everyone :).

  7. Of course your wordless wed isn't's YOU posting it! LOLOLOLOLOL! Cute!

  8. that's too cute, my kids get up and start dancing after that movie too! He's got pretty good moves.

    Thanks for stopping by my page.

    gave you some clicky love. :)

  9. Truth be told I love to dance to it to! Thank you so much for clicking! I just saw a post about how someone actually got a HUGE check from people clicking and they were able to pay their car payment. Come on baby!!! Click away my taxes are behind on the house .. yikes! So would love a little extra to pay those :).

  10. Heya blogger bailout in the house!!! Clicking and commenting. Your kids are so cute! Have a great day, Laura

  11. He is so adorable! Love it! And I got to hear your voice. ;-)


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