Saturday, March 28, 2009

Afrin Pure Sea Giveaway!!!

Hi Girls it giveaway time again! I have my newest BzzAgent campaign for Afrin. Now as you know it's Allergy season, and as most households it has hit us and me hard this time around. Now some of you are going a giveaway for Afrin, but hello we all need some help with the dust, mold, smoke, germs and all those pesky irritants and pollutants that make you want to take your head off until it back to feeling normal! See as you know I'm all about the practical and what can fix it right then and there. I've even used Afrin for Cole (Caden is still too little), my doctor recommended it and you can't believe who much it helped. Really recommended for kids over the age of 2, you know you've heard that too!
So I know this isn't one of those flashy giveaways, but it's one you actually use and need! I know the mom in all us want to find those products that we have a staple in our medicine cabinet. As I've said before I'm a thrift shopper and sometimes I do actually buy name brand, just when you compare brands you find that Afrin is one of those has it all brands. Some wonderful features to think about is 100% purified sea water, rinse nasal passages, no mixing (just give it to me, yup no fuss here), contents remain sterile after use (you know you were wondering that) and preservative free! A wonderful product and hey I have a coupons so you can try it, I know you thrifty CVS shoppers will find coupon after coupon and be able to buy this at little or no cost. Then you'll be hooked and it will become one of those items you always have on hand.

Now for the fun part, I know the rules but really I do try to make it fun!
Contest goes to April 5th 11:59pm PST
First Entry (MUST be done first)
Tell me a funny story about being sick and allergies or what brand you usually use if any?

Extra Entries (count only if first step was done)

1. For Two (2) extra entries be a follower on the side bar click follow (if you already are just leave me a message saying so). Make sure to leave me 2 separate additional comments.

2. For Two (2) extra entries add my button to your site (if you already are just leave me a message saying so). Make sure to leave me 2 separate additional comments.

3. For One (1) extra entry go over Afrin and tell me another product you like.

4. For Three (3) extra entries blog about this giveaway, come back here and leave me a link to the post. Make sure to leave me 3 separate additional comments.

That is a total of 9 entries, come on girls you know you want to win.
I have a total of Nine (9) winners, yes you read that correct! I have one LARGE (4 fl oz) bottle of Medium Strength to giveaway to the 1st winner and 8 additional people will win a $3 off coupon, heck yeah $3 is a lot these days (well any days in my book, money is money).

Let me show you what you'll win! Plus some funny pictures of what a sick Alexis looks like too!

Grand Prize Winner - 1 4oz Bottle
Medium Stream Hydrating Nasal Rinse

8 additional winners receive $3.00 off coupons!

Sick Alexis who is not feeling so well.

Still has to get up @ 5am on a Saturday to work!See I'm feeling good and can breath again!

Nothing better then breathing out of both nostrils!

Yes this is me no make-up and bed head! Enough hair spray and going to bed can make your hair look this good too!


  1. Heya chica! I was massively sick and finally went to the dr. ( I need to be DYING to go to the dr.) and she says "um you have a cold" WHAT wth? I am not dying only sick?
    So a week goes by and I am sick sick sick and still sick. Finally I was curled up crying fetal position like and my husband scraped me off the floor and took me to the dr....I had pneumonia! 10 days before surgery.
    Funny but kinda sad?!?

  2. I need to have the extra moisture it is so frickin' DRY!! Oh you are brave for the early pictures! I guess cute helps right?

  3. Nothing funny LOL except when I had a huge back pain and I took Tylenol with codeine and started hallucinating, and I thought I was dying and than I had laughing attacks, so much fun LOL even though Hubby said it was the worst night in his life LOL

    In ER they told me I had one of the worst reactions to codeine!

  4. Still following you LOL

  5. You are so adorable! I don'tknow that I have any funny stories about being sick but I can tell you that I live in what the locals call "Sinus Valley". I think it makes me a shoo in to win. Ha!

  6. ...and I follow you to the ends ot the earth!

  7. ,,,,and I have your rockin button on my side bar.;-)

  8. Oh, MOST importantly...I hope you are feeling better!

  9. are so crazy. I love you and all, but I am too tired to do 15 comments to not win afrin spray! LOL! I will share with you funny storys about being sick. When Tatum was a baby she would PROJECTILE VOMIT on a regular basis. (she had trouble with formulas) It was common in a drop of a hat to be covered from head to foot with dripping baby puke, and you would just have to hand the screaming baby off to your partner and strip right then and there and get in the shower. Gross stuff.

  10. funny story that I can think of about being sick, but I can SO relate to allergies! I have horrible ones--itchy eyes, sneezing (I swear I think I've sneezed like 50 times in a row before), runny nose, stuffy head (how can my nose drip like a faucet but I absolutely cannot breathe at all???) The worst part is that after all of the sneezing and blowing and wiping is over, my nose ends up looking like I've been rubbing it with sandpaper.

    I've been wanting to try this, so PLEASE pick me. :)

  11. I put a link in my Contest Corner. :) I haven't blogged about it yet for a purely goofy reason. My next post is my 250th, and I've got something in mind for it.

  12. When I think of Allergies I don't think of sneezing and pollen. I am allergic to things, I just found out I am allergic to cockroaches...isn't that stupid?


Commments welcome, helps me know the people in the wall really do exsist!

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