Friday, March 6, 2009

But Mom I'm bored!

So this weekend the boys we're bored you know because all we do is sit around and do nothing. So I knew it was the end of the month and cash was very little so why not hit Michael's clearance section. What Valentines trees are still ok, hey it kept them busy for like an hour. Ok I was super impressed with Cole and his eagerness to keep it all in the line and straight. Yup it kept everyone happy well for at least an hour!

And a little tease for tomorrow! I'm so excited I'm going to have my 1st Giveaway! The last two Saturday's I did 2 reviews for Eden Fantasy and adult store to help keep the romance alive in our relationships. I hope you all come and enter the prize is the amazing gift box nothing to wild (I'm not up to that yet ... LOL). I hope you enjoy and you all come by and enter to win! I will have a few more coming soon also. If this isn't your thing please don't worry, I love you all and that is why I'm giving a heads up. Come back Monday I have a new yummy recipe to show off. Thanks my amazing friends, I'm truly blessed to have you all! You make each day a joy, you don't know how often I have a bad day then log on to see comments and it just lightens my day. Muah big love girls!! Thanks again for tuning in and signing up if you want (no pressure, ok not really ... LOL). XOXO Lex!

P.S. A HUGE Thank you to one of my favorite bloggers Felicia at Go Graham Go! who hello does the best giveaways and is all around such an amazing person that is always welcome to help out. Yup what can I say I've found some of the most amazing people and she is! Check her out and all the awesome giveaways she has going on now. And just stop by and say hi because she rocks!!! So grab my button ... LOL you'll get extra entries tomorrow!

Valentines Tree ($2) Cole boy sticking on the hearts and everything.
Check out the mess, clean up quick before dad gets home!

Cole's tree!
Cole Left Side, Roy Right Side.
Doesn't my soon to be 5 year old ROCK!!!


  1. That looks like fun! I wish we had a Michael's near us-I love that place! :-(

  2. I have never seen those valentine trees before. How stinkin cute! I love how they turned out! Tell Cole he did an awesome job!

  3. I'm all about Michael's clearance.. I got cute as heck stencils that are actually not totaly Vday (skulls and hearts, it's all the rage with the 10 year old girl set) I CLEANED up!! got like $50 worth of stuff for about $5!!! yeah clearance!

  4. Well now you have made me think I should go there so my cole can make something cute today..

  5. Yo, you, what's up girlfriend? he could care less that valentine's day has come and gone. He's so happy. Look at em!!!

    Have to apologize, as many times as I've been on your page, I've never grabbed your button. Grabbing it now. Can't wait to see the giveaway.

  6. your son is soo cute. im excited for your giveaway too! happy friday.

  7. Awww looks like they had a blast!

    And I didn't know you had a button but it's going up on my blogs in just a second...oh and I have a giveaway coming up here in about a week or so, so you'll have to definitely make sure you check it out and you already know I'm all over yours cause I'm a freak like

    Oh and I have an award for you over at My mommy Said! Hugs

  8. My major miss of the kids being gone is that Micheal's and crafts son finally a few years ago finished a bird house he wanted to make, lol, his girlfriend was laughing, but then he re-finshed a coffee table, so it pays off Alexis in the long run, they become productive in their grown up lives from our thrifyness and ideas!!!

    You go Cole, my little sous chef!

  9. Now look what you did! You made me have to take a shower and go to Michaels! lol! I have to go get some Valentines clearance!!! Those little love trees are so cute!!!1

  10. That looks like so much fun :)

  11. woot! Love the clearance ANYWHERE! So who is Roy, stepson? I think crafts anytime anywhere rock we are currently hanging crepe paper vines and paper flowers on the landing to make a jungle. FUN! I'll post photos.

  12. Love the Valentine tree!!! Love is year round!

  13. I love Cole's. He is such a doll! Girl, you know I am all over that giveaway! That is right up my alley!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Your thoughts and support are greatly appreciated during this time for me :) Thank you!!

  15. hahaha Those are so cute and look like a lot of fun!

  16. How fun! And good for you for not letting the calendar determine when you do a Valentine tree:)

  17. You are absolutely welcome!!! You are such a sweet and wonderful person who brightens my day!


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