Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Just Happened?

So Saturday was just one of those days that kept asking myself what the heck just happened? Let me just set the day up for you. Saturdays I work my 2nd job for the call center! I start at 5am and work until 9am! I can usually get away with the boys sleeping until 8am, sometimes Caden will get up early. He's the good one (joke) so he'll just sit and play and leave me alone. Today was a weird day I should have know it would be one of those days!

1st off Cole got up at 6:45am (Yes you read it correctly). The boy that screams, kicks and is a total pain in my rear every morning to get him up and out of the house by 7:15 (ok 7:20, ok on a normal day 7:27am!). But today he was up and ready to rock and roll at 6:45am!! Thankfully he didn't wake his brother, and just hung out.

2nd Off Caden decided he needed to be up also! Now Caden by himself rocks! Cole and Caden together and lord be with me. Did someone forget that I'm WORKING!!!! Plus not just working but I'm on the phone with people!!!!! What the heck!!!

My lovely husband, who I will give a little break. Since he worked 2 jobs Thursday and Friday! But Saturday mornings he suppose to help with the kids. You think this would ever happen! NOT!!! Yes I'm at home, but I'm Working! Just because you see me is not that I'm here to talk to or work. Since my job gets in the way his sleep, of course it's not working. Don't you love the man brain?

3rd I finish up a little after 9am and then do a few minutes of training on doing some emails! Yeah extra hours!

4th exchange student (master of non verbal communication) comes in looks at the TV sighs and huffs. Guess he didn't like what the boys were watching. 2 to 1 dude can't always have a preteen show on for you! Then he walks into the kitchen looks at me and huffs! Again Saturdays we don't have breakfast until 10ish! Deal with it!

5th I start making breakfast, mind you exchange student went back into his room until he heard pots banging. Stood across the bar from me, staring and then heavy sigh. Yup not going quick enough for him. With out a word he retreated back to his room, only to return when he heard Cole call breakfast was ready.

6th get breakfast loaded up and asked the boys to take there own plates to the table, yup horrible mom!

7th mom shows up to take Cole to get a haircut! Crap forgot about that! Got him out the door. Turn to find an upset exchange student that he didn't' get to go. Come on dude, he gets to visit his grandparents every once in a while. You get to watch Nick with the preteen shows be happy! Well guess my choices weren't good enough since he left the room, returned a few times later to pace and then go back to his room. This went on for a few hours.

8th my quick help with email turned into 5 hours on the computer!!! Yup you know it those 5 hours included the pacing and huffing! Finally I had to ask him what the heck was up! You have a whole cupboard full of food, books, movies and TV! What more can I do for you! UGH ... yup no matter what I do you're not going to be happy. And I have 85 emails to verify and enter into a spreadsheet. Figure it out!

9th Cole shows back up and peace and quiet leave my world! Thankfully I just finished the emails. I'm so excited I got a day for myself, oh wait no I didn't!

10th Run to Wal-Mart. With in 5 minutes Cole knocked over something in the fish station. How do I know this since I was 2 isles over and heard a huge crash! Yup I go running and Cole's like it wasn't me! Yeah right! Mind you during this time I had 2 seconds to run down a isle to pick up hair gel, I could hear Cole by the fish being rather loud. I oh so nicely called to him to hush. At that same moment a woman walks by and Caden is fusing, she looks at me and says oh he is being quiet and gives me a dirty look. It took me a minute to figure out she thought I was yelling at Caden and not Cole. Yup same to you! It didn't stop there, I couldn't get the boys to keep in line and the looks were so lovely. Oh yeah back at you!

Finally back home, I'm not even going to go there at what happened when I got home. By this time my brain had check out and I just wanted to sit back and relax. Oh yeah and read some blogs! LOL

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  1. oh man... someone needs to give you a relaxing sat.... you totally deserve it too!

  2. Oh My it makes me tired just reading about your day. Hope you get some chill time soon!

  3. I thought Saturdays were suppose to be catch up and relaxe some days?!?! How dare the rest of the world forget this, and deny you! You poor thing:(

  4. Lady, you need a spa day badly! I am exhausted just reading it! You poor thing!

    You need to head out here and join me at Canyon Ranch Spa...Oprah goes there..lol! (when I win the lottery, I am so booking us reservations!)

  5. I just came across this blog and liked the title very much :-).
    You are certainly ACTIVE. Do you get any weekend relaxing stuff in or no time for that? Ever?
    Time for a not totally overwhelming weekend for you.

  6. Oh no you didn't just leave us hanging and not tell us what happened when you got home. How dare you!! What happened spill.

    Gurl, take a rest and tell the exchange student to just deal with it.

  7. And than what happened :) busy busy and I thought I had lot on my plate!

  8. OMGoodness girl and you think I am busy, I am vacation compared to your schedule!

  9. What a day. I hope you can relax now.

  10. Dang, I'm exhausted after reading all that. I've thought about hosting a foreign exchange student but now I'm not sure. I'm not used to a huffing and puffing teenager in the house. hahaha

    Take a day to run away and treat yourself! You deserve it girl!

  11. One word - Wonderwoman! I don't know how you do it and still have your sanity!

  12. Where have you been today? I'm giving away a recipe binder on my blog today. A recipe binder that you need. There are still a couple hours left to enter. Come by and check it out.

  13. Oh wow! After that day you need a vacation!!!

  14. Got all stressed just reading your post! I hope next Saturday is a little more relaxing for you!


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