Monday, March 16, 2009

Make Something Monday ... Not your mom's mac n cheese in a box

Make Something Monday

Well this is my mom's mac n cheese recipe ... she even brought over the ingredients for me ... LOL. Got to love mom's to come to the rescue! So here is an updated as mom says a Grown up Mac n Cheese. Check it out she even brought over homemade hotdogs for us!

This is what you need to start.
Put the cheese in just like the box calls for.
Yummy regular mac n cheese.
Add a can of diced tomatoes.
Stir up the mac n cheese with tomatoes.
Add in the homemade hot dogs!
Put in the casserole dish.
Add some mexican cheese on top.
Yummy I'm ready mom!
Plate up some goodness! Look at least a smaller plate.


  1. Looks Yummy! I may have to try this, my kids would love it :)

  2. Looks good except for the hotdogs, my kids nor my hubby would it that.
    They are picky like that

  3. Mac and cheese with diced tomatoes is my favorite! Glad I am not the only one!

  4. I wasn't even hungry till I read your post just now!UuGH!
    Aww...c'mon,I'm really trying hard to knock off about 20
    That's sorta like the Ramen can whip up all kinds of stuff w/ those suckers! My kids love em'!

  5. I meant to ask you....where is the "pin" that you mentioned in your contest post?

  6. I dont cook... but I think I can do that one... & cheesy... I'm there!

  7. I'll be in the kitchen with my monkeys today. I think I'll add this to list of what to make. Right up there with the rainbow cake (for the pot of gold) and the chocolate covered pretzel stick with green sprinkles.

  8. oh man yummo!! I can not wait to start cooking with my hubby when we move out of my mother in law's house... ( who is from Hell by the way) haha

  9. Oh man, now I want hotdogs! and its only 10am lol

  10. My kids would love dogs and mac n cheese are their two favorites!

  11. Looks yummy! Congrats on being a featured blogger today at "Little Miss Sunshine."

  12. Looks like the boys really liked it. I bet mine little one will also.

  13. seriously i shouldnt be this hungrey and want it this bad at 11:00 in the morning! it looks super yummy!

  14. Okay my kids burned me out on M & Ch but that looks pretty darn good, and psssst...Caden if you really are the cooks helper you would be taking nibbles like the professionals do while your cooking, and then not be so hungry when it is time to eat! :)

  15. Hot dogs? What kind were those? I keep finding myself at your Must be some kind of sign...LOL.

    Actually looks good and easy but as far from healthy as you can get. Guess I could organic and whole wheat it up some???

  16. OR BETTER YET...teach my 11 year old to make it and it can be her lunch meal one day a week. THANKS!

  17. Mmmm, that sounds good. Totally going to have to try this!

  18. Homemade hotdogs sounds really neat! I made them once in my Animal Products class at college, but I would never be able to do it again! LOL!

  19. OMG~ That is the most disgusting recipe I have seen!!! While I ate TON of boxed mac & chez as a kid...I won't touch it now! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids wouldn't even eat this. WAIT...remove the mac & chez and hot dogs and I'm all over it!! LOL~ girlfriend!

  20. sounds great thanks for sharing this great sounding and quick making recipe I will surely add it to my file

  21. I think my boys would like this!

    But what are "homemade" hotdogs??

  22. What a great idea!!! I can do this one! I actually have a sort of "moderate" veggie mac recipe I'm going to try!! Can you believe it? I actually went out and bought the groceries and everything! LOL!

  23. That looks delicious!
    I'm hungry all of a sudden!

  24. I am going to make that (minus the hotdogs.) I do so love mac and cheese.


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