Friday, March 27, 2009

Check out Dad Blogs Giveaway

As some of you know from a previous post a swing set is a sore subject around here. About 3 years ago my parents said they would buy a swing set for Cole (we only had Cole at the time) part of the deal was we had to landscape the back yard. Yes my parents do stuff like that! LOL So we totally worked it all up and had the yard all done! No swing and now other things have been bought and it doesn't look we'll be getting a swing anytime soon. I did have a plan to use some of the money from the tax return for a new one, but no such luck you know tires on the car became more important (who would think!). So this is what I would wish for if the magic genie came out and asked me my dream. Yup isn't it pretty? I would love to be able to send the kids outside and know they are playing on something safe. What that old shed of ours isn't that safe??? What it only leans a little ... LOL. Just playing I love my kids and want to make sure whatever we do get is quality and will last. That's another thing when I do have to buy one (that is if I don't win) it has to be one that wil last! Bring on the spring and let the kids play outside, please I'm loosing hair by the fistfull ... LOL

Now since I'm so nice and love to share the giveaways (no it hasn't nothing to do with to enter you need to post a blog). Ok first I must thank my girl Kristie @ Kristie's Notes for letting me know about this giveaway. Check her blog out and then go over and check outDad Blogs. To win this Kid's Creations swing set for them over at Dad Blogs along with a Canon PowerShot SD1100 Digital Elph camera. Just letting you know Kristie or I already have put dibs, but you can try to win if you want to ... LOL.


  1. very cool! I'll have to go check it out in the am...We had a similar issue with a swingset for our daughter. Except my parents said they were going to buy taylor one of those metal a framed ones where I would love something more stable!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. We already have a swing, so I'll let you SNAG it!! Good luck!

  3. Hey Alexis, i went to the site.. Unless I am mistaken which I am alot.. We can't enter up here in Ak....The rules said 48 state...
    Tell me I read it wrong please!!!!

  4. I'm new here! Love your blog! Thanks for the tip on the contest.

  5. Oh no... the dreaded swing set story...

    I'm totally NOT going to enter & I'm going to send YOU good vibes that you WIN!!!! I want to get ahold of everyone & tell them to pull out their names... wouldnt that be cool!!!???

  6. I want a swing set too. That one is awesome. I love your new hair.

  7. If it was not for my kids dad's family and how we combined presents so they got good large one they could share instead of 50 junky small ones, they would not have had this one in the pic, and our yard was not landscaped, lol, full of pecan trees that hit you in the head now and then when you stood in the front and back yard, lol, but the kids loved theirs!

    So I will cross my fingers...lets start up a 'Swing for Alexis' fund...


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