Friday, March 13, 2009

Rain Rain Go away for another day!

Remember that song we use to sing when we were little? Well it's not rain I want to go away just the bad juju that followed me around yesterday. Let's just hope today is better! You ask what could be so bad to make me want to sing a silly child song. Well you asked (ok I know you really didn't say it out load to me) just play along ... LOL.

I've been a Qwest (Phone) for well every! Since I first moved out around 19, never had problems. Then I get talked into this crazy bundle we'll save you money. Yeah right it's been nothing but trouble. First they were a week late installing, which not good when you work from home. They credit us back 1/2 of our bills for 3 months. I pay online, see I don't get bills since I'm being environmentally friendly. Just send it what it should be. Well the Internet doesn't get updated. Then our Internet goes from $24.95 a month to $79???? 3 calls later and I think it's settled log on today to pay the bill. Now the phone has jumped from $20 to $80??? Really and get this they want $300? No clue where that amount came in, guess who is going to be sitting on the phone all day Saturday, that is if they work Saturdays! Mind you they work M-F 8am to 6pm. So people that work and pick up kids are screwed, yup that would be me! Do I really need a phone? I guess so since I do the call center from home. Anyone use Vontage? Maybe I'll switch.

What it couldn't get worse? So on the 3rd I ordered some virus software from work on Amazon. Today I open the package give the number to our IT guy and it doesn't work. he asked is it the Gold version, no it says Silver! Crap did I order the wrong one, dug the shipping receipt out! Yeah no I ordered the right one! Ok got to Amazon to get a phone number, nope you type in your number in a pop up box and they call you. Can't I just have a number? So the phone rings and a lady from India answers. Now don't get me wrong I love all people, I just get a little irritate when my calls are forwarded out of the country to someone that doesn't understand me and I don't understand them. We spend more time going HUH, then solving my problem! After 10 minutes of her trying to find me by my email, she asked for the order #. Now you would think this was on the shipping slip. No such luck, go thru my emails and find it! 20 minutes later the screen I'm looking at that tells me they have it in stock says it is out of stock! Really how did that happen? You have a serious run on anti virus? Then I ask for the one that should have be pulled for me, well we must have messed up and were out of stock then too! So you send me the wrong one instead of calling my on the 3rd to say that! Nope let's wait the 10 business days to ship! Long story short, you emailed me return label and is seeing about my return! Heck you took the $310 with no prob but returning you have to look into it! So IT guy on the search for a replacement since ours expires tomorrow. Yup that's why the frustration!

I did have a fabulous call with my bloggy friend Chef E. We talked for like an hour, we'll she talked and I laughed like a Hyena the whole time! I even grocery shopped on the call. You should have seen the looks, yup I was the evil cell phone shopper! I so needed to laugh and it was perfect! Thanks girlie it was so nice to hear your voice. Your accent reminded me of my grandmother who was from New Jersey. She lost most of her accent while living her in Washington except when she said Coffee and a few other fun things :). Miss ya Grandma!

So the day has to be over right? Nope run home to cook and then my very sweet cleaner comes and cleans. Now don't get me wrong I really like her she does a pretty good job, just needs a little guidance. But the girl loves to talk, when I get home and get the boys down I just want to sit and relax. Rick's not here and I want to watch a little TV and blog, but every 2 minutes she would ask a question or start talking. I felt like how Rick must feel when he's watching his show and I talk and he keeps having to pause. Sorry Rick, yes I'll never say it to his face, but what I said it! Another thing every time she comes she reaches in the fridge and grabs a pop, now she'll ask with pop in hand. I'm so not a rude person but am I just being a little petty? It's ok I can take it. I mean I hire her to clean, and I like her but the reason I have her over is I need help and that is to clean. Not talk and drink my pop and if there is food out she'll always ask for that too. I hate to be rude it's just not in me to say No really I prefer if you don't take a pop or eat the cookies that mom made for the boys. Ok I vented I feel better, I know I really just need to say something but it's so not me. Now if you hurt my kids or something along those lines watch out. LOL I'm a nut I know it!

Ok I rambled enough I think I need some sleep. Thanks girls for letting me go on and on! I know it was a LONG post! Check out tomorrow I have another amazing Giveaway to go up and 2 reviews hopefully too! Much love!

Ok sorry I lied one more irritation for the day. Now you know I love my parents and how I hate to ever ask them for money. Well 3 years ago for Cole's birthday mom said she would buy him a swing set, my grandmother gave money to my mom towards it. You know because if you give it to me I'll spend it (insert sarcasm). So mom held the money and the swing set and says we can have it when the back yard is done. My parents are famous for this, you do this and we'll give you your present ... LOL. I guess it gets things done? And as you saw last Thursday it's done and has been done for like 2 years! So today I see we have a little left over from the income taxes and I think it would be nice to get that swing set, I can help give a little towards it. Oh jeez so I get the brilliant idea to email her about it. What was I thinking? Well mom informs me that the $40 Grandma gave she is sure was spent on Cole and she is wanting to take Cole to Walking with the dinosaurs this year which is $75 a ticket and since dad and mom will go to that will be $225! So that makes up for the swing set? Not sure what happened but now mom is mad and I'm stuck having to get a swing set that Cole is asking for! UGH, really Rain Rain go Away for another day! LOL


  1. YOU POOR THING!!! That just stinks! (but hey, thanks! I feel so much better about Cat's hair now! lol!)

    Hope your weekend is filled with bright sunny skies and no idiots!

    love ya!

  2. im with bee and rose poor thing! i HATE when i call customer service and cant understand the ppl! uuuggghhh! oh yea, that whole thing with the swing set, id so buy ya'll one if i could! promise! my mother is NOTORIOUS for stuff like that and it drives me INSANE!! happy friday!

  3. OMG that is a crazy day!
    Hope your weekend is better!

  4. Bless your heart... sounds like a rough weekend...

    Glad you at least got a laughing phone call in with a friend... I'm one of those who walk around the grocery chatting up with friends too... gotta kill two birds with one stone!

    And just make your son call his grandma & give a pitiful "When am I going to get a swing set?"... let him work his grandson magic! :-)

  5. Wow! Thankfully it's Friday and hopefully your weekend will go better.

    I am taking your button for my sidebar! :)

  6. What a craptastic day! I have had nothing but problems with Qwest bundle too. I am so glad our contract expires in 10 days ansd they are gone for a while, lol.

    And WTH with the whole swing set thing. I am sure there is a reason behind it, but for waiting 2 years for $40? that sounds fishy.

    TGIF and know you WILL have a better weekend.

  7. I hope things are better today!!!

  8. Wooo gurl are you felling better now. I know you had to get all that off of your chest. That juju just ain't no good but please, don't send it over here.

    Seriously though, sending nothing but good vibes your way.

  9. Wow lots to be frustrated about for sure!!

    That's very odd that your parents have been holding on to a whole $40 for two years! What the heck?

    And your cleaning lady? Uh, yeah. You pay her to clean, not eat and drink your stuff. Not cool!

    Ugh! I hope today is better for you and guess what? I think it will be because YOU WON a super cute purse, here:

    Congrats!! =D

  10. You need to go check out Hey What's For Dinner Mom? You won her contest.

  11. Crap sista, bring on the sunshine!
    I was laughin at the Rain Rain go away....You know thats an old spell that witches taught their children.. They say it was one of the first spells a littlw witch learns.. I don't know why I told you that, Just some useless info stuck in my Brain! Congrats on the Contest.. Things are looking up!!!
    Happy WEEKEND

  12. It's Friday. It's Friday. It's Friday.

    Keep repeating that, and maybe everything will be better. :)

  13. Ahhh I am glad you enjoyed listening to me, lol...remember I am the hick from Texas that now lives in NJ, they say I have an accent, but really in Texas I do not!

    I should have at least let you vent! Next call is on me :)

  14. Ok wanh wanh wanh Your day is FINE!! I know it:)

  15. We had vontage and it was good. Until I called my friend and she ask me what I was during FL I said, no I am here at home. Then my Mom went to call us and said she got some one who was selling houses and not us. I am not sure if they have this problem all worked out by they might. You could give it a try.

  16. I think you need a nice relaxing vacation! :-)

  17. What a day. I would be fuming at your mom, but what can you do. The older they get the less learning curve they have so it is useless to try and change them.

    Hope tomorrow goes better.

  18. I seems like everytime you get on the phone w/ your cell provider,or cable...they ask you 100 questions,and keep you on the friggin phone forever it seems! I don't know how Moms did it back in the day when telephone's just sat on the table! HOW did we do things BEFORE cordless phones anyways?LOL

  19. OOPS! Did I hit SEND?
    Sounds to me like your housekeeper is taking advantage of your kindness,hun.
    HOW to stop this?? I don't know...cuz I am the same way.I don't know how to say "NO" people tell me.LOL
    SHEESH! I'm no help.hahaha

  20. WAIT!Just seem Megan's comment..
    You won a new purse??How cool!!

  21. Oh. No way.

    Rain rain go away and leave the vodka behind. LOL


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