Friday, March 20, 2009

I Present to You Twin Diaper Cakes

Well yesterday was just not one of my favorite days, I was sick and just felt horrible. I'm glad I was able to apologize and hopefully move forward and not look back. Even though I wanted to go crawl into bed and pull the covered over my head. For some reason these little people that kept calling me mom wanted dinner. I guess no pity party for me, it was time to move on and forget. I threw together a yummy dinner and recruited my best friend from Elementary School (yup Elementary School!), just wait she's going to hate me next week's FFF photo for Junior high is some great pics of us in our tap and jazz unitards (yup we were so cute and tards ... LOL). Back to my story, I was in dire need of help to put some diaper cakes together, my mom aka bow maker bummed out on me (dad's sick and didn't want company). So Ms. Tarra had to come over and put two diaper cakes together. Hey the hard work was done I wrapped each diaper the night before I was up to almost midnight. You ask why, because yes I'm a tard and put this off to the last moment and my friend (aka bosses daughter) needs two cakes for her BFF who is having twin girls! So here it goes two diaper cakes in a pink, brown and pale green. Sorry girl's I was going to write more but I'm needing a little time. LOL don't worry I've really moved on.

My BFF (wow 24 years) Tarra! Look at the fun you have when you come to my house.
I give you bow duty!
1 Cake done!
My elephant ~ Side View
Elephant ~ Front View
Isn't she cute (super soft too)
Finally Cake 2 done.
Yes Tarra you can go home now.
Oh stop hacking I release you!
She act's like she is sick or something. Really I love Ya! Lion ~ Side View
What you want to see me too?
Ok real quick I'll get on my knees, don't worry about that torn ACL.
Yup here I am with the two cakes!


  1. Cute diaper cakes! Great job♥ :)

  2. You guys did a wonderful job on those cakes! They turned out super cute! :-)

  3. you look great for sick!

    wow. PERFECT diaper cakes.

  4. oh my goodness! Those are so cute! And that has to be the cutest elephant I have ever seen!!!

  5. What a poser you are. When you are done playing with the lions, and, tiger, and bears, What diapers. Go check out my post and vote for the other poser.

    Happy Spring.

  6. WOW... that looks really good!!! So do you just roll them up really tight??? Love the bows arond them & topping them off with the animals is a fantastic idea... I want Mr. Elephant!!!!

    Hope you're feeling better...

  7. Your hair is pretty, you are growing it out? Me too, but it is barely long enough to put in a clip with out strings falling out here and there, YUK!

    The cakes are so damn cute girl! I bet you do a better job than the rest!

    Hugs and kisses! Feel better!

  8. I really admire you artsy crafty ladies.

  9. Those are awesome! I wish I was creative :)

  10. I love those! That elephant is way too cute. Great job!

  11. The elephant is my favorite...I have this huge weakness for elephant stuffed animals...I'm weird I know!

    These are seriously adorable such a talented lil thing you are huh?

  12. Cute diaper cakes! Looks like tons of work!

  13. very cute! and till now i did not EVEN know what a diaper cake was... we learn something everyday! happy friday!

  14. Great cakes!!!.........Love the stuffed folks.......Hope you're feeling better......

  15. I adore diaper cakes! Those are really cute! Love those stuffed animals. Hope you're feeling better today.

  16. Very nice! I wish I would have gotten TWO diaper cakes at my shower for the twins!!!

  17. Awesome diaper cakes!!!

    That's a LOT of rolling!


  18. Your cakes are gorgeous! :)

    Happy TGIF!

  19. They are so awesome :) cute pictures :)

  20. Lions, Tigers, and Bears.....oh my! This are ADORABLE! How do you get these to stay together?

  21. Those are adorable! Absolutely fabulous cakes!! I love making diaper cakes! They are lots of hard work though!

    You look fantastic! I hear ya' rest for the wicked, eh?

    Big hugs!!!!

  22. Those are ridiculously cute! I hope you're feeling better!

  23. Those are so stinkin cute. The verdict is in...Mr. Elephant IS the cutest darn thing!!!!!

    So how do you do it?? How does the animal stay on the top??

  24. I love diaper cakes! I like to make them for baby showers. I wanted to let you know that I now have some buttons. I'd love to have you grab them!

  25. Great job!! =D

    I've made my fare share of diaper cakes but I never go the 'sweet simplicity' route. I should try that some time, much less work and still looks awesome. lol

  26. SO SO cute!! Love the stuffed animals!

  27. Hey, Are you finished playing with your toys yet? I left you something on my blog when you are.

    Have a great Saturday.

  28. These are fabulous you talented person you!!!!


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