Thursday, March 12, 2009

FFFF #17: My Former Years, Part One


Ok Diana as usual better late than never :). Here is my FFFF picture, what today is the last day! LOL Here is a picture of me around 4 y/o on our farm (I know I lived on a farm once) with my favorite doggy Dodger the Collie! My dad was a professional photographer at the time and you would think I would have tons of pictures, I can't seem to find many to choose from, so sorry it's a scanned picture of a scanned picture. My mom put this in the invites for my 30th birthday party (a few years back). Sorry such a quick post, not a lot of time today! So for all you procrastinators like me! Today is the last day for the baby/toddler picture(s). Tomorrow she have the next weeks challenge (it's always a challenge for me because I'm a dork).

Here is what Diana had to say about this weeks FFFF:
It's March so that means it's time for the My Former Years photo
series. Week one is the Baby/Toddler Years. Please post at least one photo
of you in your baby/toddler years. I realize this will involve scanning
photos, but you have until next Thursday to participate, so dust those pics
off and get scanning! Once you've posted your pic(s), come back here and
fill out the Mr. Linky with the direct URL to your post. Detailed directions
for participating in FFFF and how to do get the direct URL to your post can
be found

Make sure to check her out and the rules at FFFF #17: My Former Years, Part One.


  1. What a cutie! Thanks for participating. Better late then NEVER! LOL!! You know the next maybe you won't wait til Thurs! LOL!

  2. still beautiful but what a cute one you were!

  3. Awwwwwww. Seems like there should be more baby pictures of me laying around too but every time I look all I seem to come across is my brother. First child always gets the top rank.

  4. What a great picture. I love dogs. Have a great day.

  5. Cute picture :) and fun post :) I added you button to my blogs :)

  6. Isn't growing up on a farm fun? I loved it! :-)

    Cute picture! :-)

  7. How sweet! I love Collies they are such good family dogs :)

  8. Now a voice to that face, lol, you were adorable, and I can so see the boys in you! Where is Rick? Is the postman really the dad, lol

  9. What an adorable photo! I loved it.

  10. Have I told you that I smile each and everytime I read the title of your blog? It is sheer brilliance. Seriously.

    Also loved this picture. You were quite the cutie. :)



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