Sunday, March 22, 2009

When is it moms day?

So yesterday was oh so fun as usual. I work my usual Morning shift, mind you DH didn't work the night before he actually got to go out with his friends and play Lazertag. So you would think ok this Saturday morning he can help with the kids. For the most part he did keep one in the room with him, but the rest of the time it was the usual me trying to finish up my calls while the two boys are screaming at each other! UGH!

I finish up my calls start getting dressed and ask DH to get ready and we can drop his car off and then I could go to my eye appointment. Hold on to your horses I'm actually leaving the house by myself, I should have known a fit was about to come ... LOL. My friend was to come pick up the diaper cakes while I was gone. Well I didn't mention this to Rick and he is a big one for things being done in a certain order. I know I keep telling him we have kids and most days hello my plans never stay the same! UGH. So he throws a fit like one of my kids, and gets all angry that I'm leaving for my eye appointment (yup you know big fun) and we won't get to his car fast enough.

So being the mom I am that always puts all before myself, I do it yet again. I skip the pedicure that I was promised months and months and never have "me time" to do. I run to Costco get my eye exam, even get gas and I'm out of there in 30 minutes! Yup no walking around for me. Call home ask him to get the boys ready I'll be there in 10 minutes. I walk in the door and one kid is half dressed! DH of course heads for the door and I'm left with 1 and 1/2 kids to get dressed and in the car. Rush down and meet him in Puyallup at the Tire store. We then go to that Costco to check out frames for my glasses. DH starts walking up and down every isle, driving me nuts because Costco on a Saturday is not the place to just hang out.

We fought the crazy people who just let there kids run up and down to each free sample almost knocking people out of there way to get there. I love free samples as the next person but holy moly it was a free forall today. So thankful to get out of there and go pick up his car.

Now I left the tires to Rick, which I should have never done. When he first called they had the tires at $470 plus 3 free oil changes. Go set it up and now they all of a sudden don't have those tires but the step above. Well let's just say they charged my account $620 after some yelling I think I'm getting $35 back? And oh yeah they didn't want to honor the oil changes either! They are so lucky I was in another car and already home by the time he told me. Let me just start DH had to buy this silly car that was totally out of the budget but he has this thing with nice things. We totally grew up different he didn't have a lot so having nice expensive items now he loves, me I grew up with a family that had money but didn't and still doesn't share ... LOL I live on a budget and always has. So now back to this car that had special size tires on it that of course no one carries! Ahhhhh. I'm so writing a letter to Big O Tires, don't worry I'll post it.

So that was the morning ... ha-ha. Did I mention DH got to go to work that night so me and kids that are still a little sick so no outdoors! Ugh. I'm so getting a pedicure and spending a total of $20 on myself! Baby steps ... LOL


  1. You poor thing! I think it would be nice if you get spoiled every now and then! I wish I lived near you. I would take the kiddos so that you could get some time for yourself. And you definitely need to raise some hell about them not giving you the deal they said they would on the tires. That is B.S. Can't wait to see that letter!

  2. I find I have to FIGHT them off me at times, but it is SOO worth it when I do go and get the chance to get those rare pedicures. Gosh~they cheer a girl up. They make you feel so good!!

    Hope you can make time sweetie!! You deserve it!

  3. Poor Mama! For your troubles you deserve a mani & pedi! As for Costco, I agree with Debra, it's time to put on your high heels, march on down to customer service and give them a slice of your mind! Good luck!

  4. I would babysit too...we so need our time, and I remember, fourteen years of no time to myself...I feel guilty for wanting to go lay on the couch now and enjoy my peace and quiet :(

  5. Oh My it makes me tired just to read this! Girl put your foot down and get some you time now!

  6. I know the whole try and be on the phone w/ little ones... SUCKS~
    I have never been to Costco, Just thinkin about it makes me kinda cry.. As For no you time! Wait till dh is home for the evening or even the day.... leave the cell phone on the counter so he can hear it when he calls... walk out saying I gotta go... Be back later... I have to pick up a suprize... go to the salon, then pick up a icecream cake that says... To the best husband kids in the world! The trick, is just to make them think, you think it is all about them....

  7. You definitely deserve that pedicure!!!

  8. See, I said ME time was hard to come by. You really deserve a pedi now.

  9. Go get it girl... & enjoy every minute of it!!!!

  10. What a mess. I hope you get your toes done soon.

    Have a great Sunday.

  11. The only tires my husband has any interest in buying are bicycle tires. I buy the car tires because that's my vehicle. He rides a bike. I never tell my hubs what's exactly in the checking account anyway. I just always says, no, we can't afford it, or, you can spend this much $$$ only.

    If I died tomorrow, he would have no clue about bills or even how to access the online banking. He makes it, I spend it.

  12. LOL at the comment above :) pretty much that's us too LOL

  13. Honey this is my life every single day, but worse, way worse!

    My fiance can't even find it in himself to get a kid half dressed, get up before noon on the weekends, stay home and help me instead of goofing off with his friends every chance he gets so that I might actually get to complete one of the 20 homework assignments that I have to do, lift a finger to help me clean, cook, do laundry or oh RAISE HIS KIDS...yes I get angry about this so I'll stop there! Let me just assure you that I so sympathize with you because I'm there 24/7, 365! Maybe one day I'll get around to posting what a "typical" day in the life of me is like!

    Hang in there girl...hugs!

  14. Oh boy do I know it.........poor thing....Sometimes it feels like we just can't catch a break!
    Hang in......

  15. I can't stand it when people just let their kids run wild! Drives me crazy.


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