Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Ready for Cole's Special Day

So even though Cole's 5th Birthday is not until later in April, his class is celebrating his special day today! My mom was very nice and ordered the cupcakes from a special cupcake place and picked up bags for the kids. Now my mom is amazing and she loves to shop at the best places way better then I could ever afford. Yes I'm not ashamed to admit that I would have picked up the bags and goodies at the dollar store ... LOL and probably made cupcakes. But she was very nice and bought all these mind you the cost was a little over $100 for these few items. Yes and you who have been following know that this total was added to the Walking with the Dinosaur show that my parents and Cole are going to for a whopping $220 for all of them. So no swing set but we do have some pretty amazing stuff instead. Still a little sad and trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to pull off a swing set, but 'm sure I'll figure it out ... LOL
Check out the gift bags, plus the early special gift brought home for Cole (and Caden).
Boy Bags, Mom bought special stickers to decorate all bags and ribbon to tie them.
All bags have a bunch of Foam puffy stickers in animals, pack of gold fish and boys got mini cars.
I went to the dollar store and picked up color books
Power Rangers for the boys.
Girl Gift Bags!
Girl Bags had little books instead of cars.
And Strawberry Shortcake Color Books I picked up.
All the gift bags, 7 boys & 6 girls
Now pray that I counted right, since I'm a dork and didn't find my list.
Teacher gets a special cupcake.
Cole's Special Cupcake with a sugar Dinosaur
Plus special stickers to decorate the box.
Check out these cupcakes.
All I can say is I don't remember ever getting these for my birthday!
What is the black blob?
Why it is our new fish Spiderman
(you after the black Spiderman)
Caden was getting up close and personal.


  1. The bags are adorable and the cupcakes are making me hungry for a midnight snack! As for the swingset, maybe you should start a swingset fund. I'd donate ;) Or do it like that Johnny Cash song "One Part at a Time" (I believe that's what it's called), and smuggle it from local playgrounds. :D Jokes, jokes. You'll get there, I have faith. :)

  2. Look at those cute little bags!
    I want to be 5 again! LOL
    No seriously, great stuff and yummy cupcakes! :)

  3. Those cupcakes look to die for! Oh my goodness, how about a few for your faithful blog readers/commenters?! LOL!

    All the yummy looking food on this page lately, geeesh! :D

  4. oh yum! Those cupcakes look great! And I'm loving the bags! GREAT JOB!

  5. Holy moly icing bat woman...that looks like a major in your face and all over it iced cup cake!!! Lots of fun connected with eating that, and then a major sugar buzz. Is there coloring in them? I cannot tell it is dark...and this mother of a almost 22 year old remembers what coloring does to the lips and tongue, major fun there baby with all those goodies!

    Look in the green sheet (Dallas bargain finds) and see if you cannot take someones swing set off of them (many parents find themselves with one due to kids going to college and they want to downsize houses) Just an idea???

  6. Yummy looking cupcakes!
    Nice gift bags also, makes me wanna be 5 again!

  7. I guess grandparent's love to make everything nice for their new babies. Wow those bags and stuff inside are way cute. I want a cupcake.

    I did some posing today. Go check it out. Try and not to laugh that hard at my task.

  8. YUMMMMM... those cup cakes look incredible!

    And how cute are those gift bags! When I was little, you didnt hear of this.. now, a party is all about the gift bags! Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree - right?

    I love Strawberry Shortcake made a come back!!!

  9. those bags and the cupcakes are so adorable! he'll have a great birthday!!

  10. The kids in class are going to be sooo impressed, I know I am!

  11. Those look like some top notch cupcakes!

    (sorry about the swingset though:(

  12. So cool love the gift bags :) and yummy cupcakes :)

  13. That is so cute and so very cool of you to make giftbags for all of the kids in his class!

    Nay Nay's birthday is coming up fast, too fast...it's this weekend...and we're Chuck E Cheese bound for that!

    Happy Early Birthday Cole!

    PS....I had to bring a couple of my favorite bloggy gals back something special from my trip to TN...you'll probably get it sometime next week!


  14. That was really sweet of your mom to do that. And with the other stuff you got, those were just perfect! Your boys are so adorable just like their momma! ;-)

    I think E is on to something. Try Craigslist for a used swing. Also, since there is a military base in your backyard, military families are always selling stuff when they get moved to another state or overseas. I will snope around and see if I can find out what their base paper name is and if it is posted online. (They usually are.) The base papers have classified ads.)

  15. What a lucky guy!

    If you know anybody who has children that are older, they might be willing to part with their swingset. I let somebody have ours if they came over and dug it out. I was so relieved!

  16. I gave you the lemonade stand award

  17. Great bags! And the cupcakes look so yummy.......Aww......a little black spidey fish!

    Oh and yeah, funny to see all the things your mother does for your children, that you never got!!! I'm just at the beginning of seeing that!
    But, I guess that's what Grandmothers are for.......

  18. I am always on to something, Thanks Debra! Listen to me girlie, I raised them, and one turned out pretty darn good! Experienced bargain hunter here...

    BTW, Got ya! I told you I was going to post that yummy freaking picture of SOS goodness!!!

  19. I want one of those cupcakes!!! :)

    Visiting you from Robyn's blog...


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