Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Wrap ~ It was suppse to be down time!

This weekend was one of no parties so it will be down time right? LOL well if I sit on the couch then I feel like I'm not being a good mom etc. So it was time to do some cleaning and a few other fun things!
My headset died as you know.
Rick tried to fix it, sadly it is dead :(.
I use it 6 days a week for work so $60 for a year I guess isn't bad.
Cole's school had bowling last week!
What a fun way to teach kids Math & part of their PE unit.
Saturday was the day of cleaning!!!
Well that is between job in the AM and job in the PM
No before pictures, yes I'm a little embarrassed of it!
I didn't think this would take all day! UGH

Sunday was church
Then playdate at the boys cousins house
It was so nice to sit and talk with an adult.
Only had to stand up like 10 times to see why Caden was crying.
It's rough being the smallest kid :)

Then we have Rick's Birthday!
Rick attended SDSU so he loves SD Chargers
Can you believe that Skin was $35!!
Loves Emergency so I found Season 6 on DVD
And loves old school A Team so we'll try for the new DVD
(you know my thoughts on remakes)
So there you have it some of the weekend and the week all wrapped up into one :).


  1. As always...WOW! I should start taking pictures of my house when it's clean that way an hour later when I walk into the room and say "Hey..What the Heck Happened HERE!" I could look at those pictures and sigh with the memory of what could have been....sniff sniff. Great post as always. Blessings, Joanne

  2. Wow woman you are going to burn yourself out.. I am in a small delema but i think we have it figured out. i havent posted about it.. My hours are being cut because they are just that slow at home.. So I am home 3 days a week or more now.

  3. Holy moly, do you EVER sleep?? =)

  4. I knew you'd find something to keep yourself busy over the weekend. I need to do major cleaning around this place. Ugh.

  5. Feel freee to come over and help me do my cleaning! ;) Or you could come over and have a cup of coffee while I do it so you can relax for once!
    Oh....Got my Kuerig yesterday. Not in love with the Mini so it only brews 8oz at a time...thinking of taking it back an exchanging it for the next size up...

  6. An amazing weekend filled with fun and many things to do. Have a great day..

  7. well.. you can easily say you are never bored!!!

    hope you are doing fabulous!!!

  8. Girl, you make me tired!!!

    The only downtime I saw there was Caden at the grocery store!

  9. Love that skin! Sounds like some awesome gifts. You did a great job cleaning. Your always welcome to come and do my house. Well what can I say about bowling, I love it!
    Hope you have a nice weekend. You really do need to take some down time. It's okay to sit on the sofa.


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