Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend of head aches!

My camera decided to finally die this weekend so I’m missing a LOT of the picture moments I would normally take.  So I had to use a camera my mom gave Cole to use (which mind you he wasn’t happy to share) and it works on batteries … UGH you know how hard it is to find batteries in this house! 

When I downloaded the little pic’s I had I found these pics Smile.

Blogger Pics7

Saturday after I worked we hit Lowe’s for the kids clinic it was a BUSY day at work, it was GREAT I had a good amount to schedule which I haven’t had in a while.  So we were late to Lowe’s and all the tables were gone and sitting on the ground with the boys and hammers so NOT my idea of good times.

So off to the gym we went and then I had a hair to head to Value Village next door.  They were having 50% their yellow tags AND they let me use my 20% off coupon for donating.  So I got all this for $34! WHOO HOO!  Clothes for the boys, a toy, a skateboard and 3 bibles & a cookbook.  Cole was wanting a bible for school and I wanted one to read for night time.

Blogger Pics5

Then Sunday our church had a BBQ which I made these brownies for the POTLUCK.  Ok people when you go to a potluck that means you BRING a dish and you only take a little of each dish.  Why is it that people show up with NOTHING but they dish up like no tomorrow.  I cut up my brownies and before I could plate them the vultures attacked me (I barely was able to get one for the boys).  It amazed me that some took two for themselves (before anyone could get one) and then one guy actually had the gaul to say he wanted a big one NOT the small one I put on his plate .. UGH.

Then we headed to my friends house to let the boys run it out (sorry no pics camera not working).  Then my mom wanted us to come up to her house for dinner.  I looked at my gas tank light come on, still with no debt card I thought I’d run into safeway to buy a Visa GC with my check so I can then buy gas.  The lady for 10 min couldn’t figure out how to ring it up, then she couldn’t get my check to work so a supervisor came over, which made everyone behind me SIGH.

Then she took me over to CS to try & write a check there and then told me my check was declined that I was over my limit of checks per day … yup my 1st check of the day & the first visit at this store in 3 months!  Yup 20 min and boys going NUTS and me almost in tears.  Had to call my daddy to come save me since I had no access to my $ and no gas to get home! UGH

checks 2

Finally an hour later (and hour late to dinner) we got to my parents and had a quick dinner before the rain came down Smile.  I was still a little upset but it was a nice dinner and I’m happy to be done and hoping to finally get our debit cards and THEN switch banks!

Blogger Pics8

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. How frustrating. I hope you get it all sorted out.

  2. I think I would of been in tears. That had to be frustrating! So...did you order the new camera? I wrapped Emily's up yesterday. Her BD isn't until the 26th but had to do it before I forgot and then they were home for the summer. A week and a half left. I am kind of looking forward to it actually. :)

  3. ooo u need a camera dear, or were will we be xxx

  4. Haha, love the picture of Cole's funny faces. I still can't find my camera so I've been using my daughter's. Luckily, it's a nice camera. Unluckily, if I lose it I have to buy her a new one. Looks like you got a lot of nice stuff at the Value Village.

  5. I LOVE the photos the boys took, my boys used to do the same thing but back then we had FILM cameras and it started getting expensive.
    Again with the busy weekend... but you did get a great deal for all those things for the boys.
    Sorry about the bank and store screw-up, I HATE when that happens.
    Glad you had fun at your daddy's... he is such a great guy!

  6. ((HUGS)) That was not a fun weekend for you. So sorry.


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