Friday, June 17, 2011

No Pony Rides but it was a good day …

So yesterday was the the big 35 and sadly no pony rides or jumpy houses.  Oh wait I guess we only get those big over the top (cost of my car payment) when your young Sad smile .. lol.  I had a good day, when you get older good is by far a wish come true.  I start of the day was a little rocky but it got better.  You all know I’m crazy control freak (what I’m working on it).  So if someone takes over something I’ve been working on I may just get a little freaked … lol I know I told you I’m working on it.  So after getting my panties in a bundle I had another cup of coffee and just said screw it let the person do it, I know I did my part and I’m happy with what I do if they finish it whatever … ok maybe not ok with it but AGAIN I told you I’m working on it! Smile

Rick’s car has been a pain in our behinds for sometime now last paycheck it was brakes and rotors to the tune of $300 … UGH.  This paycheck it was a tune-up & oil change to the tune of $200.  So this one hour fix turned into 3 1/2 hours he was gone.  Thankfully the kids played outside and I worked on catching up on my emails.  So I guess I did get some quiet time, not the FULL day I asked for in my list but hey I take what I can get.  So I did get some:


Rick got home around 6:30pm and I ran to the salon to get my pedi!  Now I didn’t have a cup of coffee (since if I stopped to get it the salon would be closing).  BUT the lady was very nice and let me read my book on the iPad in peace.  She barely spoke to me … YEAH.  I know that sounds rude but I really just wanted to relax.  So I did get to do half of this:

pedicure with coffee_thumb[1]

Rick got me dinner so I didn’t have to cook!  He picked up Alice Springs Chicken & Cheesy Fries at my Favorite place Outback.  So I blew the diet but it was super yummy!!  So I got this:


Rick said I could order my camera, yeah so I have a working camera Smile.  So I got this:

Cannon Power Shot_thumb[1]

Rick also gave me a very nice card he had the boys sign, my favorite desert Flan and some Hard Cider.  I don’t drink very often but I do love a hard cider once a year or so Smile.  It was very yummy!  So I got:


So sadly no Nanny, no house cleaner, no new body or spanx & no bare minerals.  But overall it was a GOOD day, again people Good is just that and you take what you get and cherish it Smile.  Thank you again for all the birthday wishes, that meant the world to me.  XOXO


  1. Hey, it was better than turning 65 right?

  2. It sounds like a really nice birthday! Rick was very thoughtful with the gifts he got you-it's always nice having a night off of cooking and some yummy sweets and a drink to relax a bit ;-)

  3. Dang it will you quit with the adorable pics of you! You look cute in curlers...:) Sound like you had a great birthday without some of the things you wanted. :) My hubby says it's a week celebration when you get our age so keep celebrating girl! :)

  4. Well frankly my real pony is broken and yesterday added another $600 vet bill, with more fat money to go. Grrrrr...

  5. I missed a b-day... dang I have been absent lately. I need to get my butt in order and start blogging more again..

  6. Awww I did not get exactly what I wanted to, but I guess us Gemini's have to make due with what the world offers us...have another Happy Birthday!

  7. Yes, my sister..I hate having to make conversation during a pedicure. It totally kills the relaxtion of it.

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad that you got that pedi without all the chatter. At least hopefully you got a little relaxation in.

    I love Outback too! We are so boring though. We get the Outback special with green beans. Occasionally we get a Bloomin' Onion. Most often we splurge and get a Chocolate Thunder Down Under with 4 spoons. Yum!

  9. Sounds like a pretty good day!

    cute toes + yummy food = happy birthday!

  10. It sounds like a pretty good day to me!

    PS I can tell you've lost weight in that picture. Your face is getting skinnier!

  11. Sounds like you did have a nice Birthday.. I am glad you get to get your camera.. I need a new one also..

  12. It sounds like you did have a very nice day, despite no housekeeper! Happy Birthday!

  13. Overall it sounds like you had a great birthday. Happy Birthday weekend!

  14. Hope you had a great birthday & glad you had some time to relax!

  15. Sorry I missed the actual day - sounds like the party went on and on and it was fabulous! I love that last picture of you - you are so cute! :)

  16. I don't think birthdays are ever what I dream of in my mind. Sounds like your day turned out to be pretty nice. Rick did try and that is a blessing.


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