Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another packed weekend, from concerts to playdates & of course the zoo!

Cole had his last day of school on Thursday so they had a concert Thursday night were all the classes sang all the songs they have sung over the year in church.  It was a great performance and thankfully Caden slept threw the whole time!  Also had to show off the coats my MIL crochet for the boys.

Blogger Pics

Friday night we headed up to my parents for dinner.  We walked the boys to the park and played Frisbee and of course the toys!  We had to check out the new additions down at my parents waterfront, new sod went down.  Cole made $5 water it all for my dad Smile.

Blogger Pics6

Saturday I worked (yes that is me in my headset with my curlers … lol.  We head right to the zoo thankfully when it opened because it was are only nice days in weeks and it got packed soon!  The Zoo is doing a thing on Poo yup!  The boys loved it, they had video’s of animals taking a poo, oh yeah it was great … lol.  That is the boys putting their heads in the cut out of a man taking a poo.

Blogger Pics1

We visited all the animals and even feed the budgie's, they are friendly birds and will come right up on your hand to eat the stick you of course have to buy for a $1 each.

Blogger Pics1a

Then we met up with one of my best friends for a picnic with the islanders group her husbands family is part of.  It was great!

Blogger Pics2

Monday was my mom’s birthday so Sunday I took the boys to Lowe’s to pick out flowers for her.  They even potted them for her.

Blogger Pics3

Sunday night we had dinner at our cousin’s night again, it was a lot of fun.  And Rick took the training wheels off Cole’s bike which we should have done last year but hey he’s my first born Smile.

Blogger Pics4

On a side note my debit card # was stolen over the weekend so when I went to the grocery store spent an hour picking out my groceries and then checked out, around $100 my card was declined.  I was mortified I check the account before we left and Rick’s paycheck was in there we were way good.  The # on the back of my card of course was disconnected and I couldn’t reach Rick.  I wanted to cry so I tried to walk fast out of the store but forgot I had some meat in my cart.  So then I had employees screaming at me to stop as I went outside like I was a criminal! UGH so an hour on the phone I found out what happened.  But they NEVER called to tell me what was going on, which really pissed me off.  Bank of America you really let me down, and embarrassed the hell out of me!


  1. How embarrassing is right. They should have called you...

  2. First off, I hate BofA. All banks in general as most of them are the reason the country is in the mess it's in...anyway, sorry you had to go thru that.

    Second, can't believe your MIL made those coats!!! Wow!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  3. I am so sorry about your card # being stolen. ((HUGS)) What an incredible weekend you had. You can certainly fill in every available moment of time!

  4. I forgot to mentioned those jackets. I can't believe she did all that work! They came out really nice.

  5. Geez, what a busy Mama you are!!! That whole card thing would have pushed me off the deep end. Hang in there girl!!

  6. Sounds like another busy weekend! Hope you had fun though.

  7. Bank Of America sucks patooey!!

    And I was SOOOO afraid to even click on this post just so you know. I am beyond exhausted tonight and I just KNEW I would barely muster the energy to read let alone comment. The dog is actually typing this for me.

    My master must feed me more peantnut butter and she always blames me when she farts. BWAAAHAAAA

  8. What a horrible moment in the store, and I'm so sorry that happened with the card being stolen. :(

    Love that the kids helped pot your mom's flowers!

  9. Your kids look so cute in that cut-out!. Alexis, I am so sorry about your card. That happened once to me but no one stole it...hubby took out money without telling me and I had a whole cart full. I was so red and the cashier looked at me like I was some kind of loser...and thats how I felt. By the time i got home I calmly told him how I felt.....

    "#$$#^#@! ^%&))*(&*$%#%!!!!!!
    AND ANOTHER THING &*%%$#(%^@!!!
    I WAS &^%*^#$@^&% MORTIFIED!!!!!
    HOW IN THE H#LL DOES THAT %$#@&^*!

    Thank God the kids weren't around ;o)

  10. What a fun weekend you had...

    Sorry about the card that is not cool..

    love ya, Poser..

  11. They did kale chips on the talk???? Oh crap. I have to start watching more tv! :)

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  12. Happy birthday to your mom. I'm sorry about your card number being stolen, I've heard some bad things about Bank of America. We tried using them for our mortgage, but they failed us, and were horrible. Sounds like you had a great weekend though!

  13. What a fun and busy weekend as usual. I love the photo of you in your curlers with the headset on - so adorable.
    The jackets with the boys initials are so cute, how nice of your MIL.
    Love all the photos of course.., thanks for keeping us up to date. Love you all. HUGGLES!


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