Friday, June 24, 2011

I think I may keep the SPAM comments …

Each day I believe my blog is getting around 55 to 75 spam comments in  the last few weeks. I have it set up so any comment on a post over a week old needs to be approved and thankfully the spam button in blogger catches them and I can easily delete them!  But I’m think I may just keep them to make my #’s look good … hehe.  I know it’s summer but darn it I thought I meant a lot to everyone and I’m getting no comments (just playing I know you’ll all busy). What does a girl have to do streak across the screen to get some comments … lol.  Just playing … UNLESS that is the case then I may just do it!  So brace yourselves you may see ad’s for Viagra, Enlargements and software in my comments soon … hehe!  Plus according to my email I have WON the British Lotto, so you may not see me at all because I’ll be with my winnings on some private island!

No really I know it’s summer and people are busy.  I guess the same thing is true for my b-day party this weekend.  It’s sad to say when we getting older I guess we have less and less friends.  Heck my 7 year may have a better turn out for his party then me!  I don’t ask for gifts just their presence but it’s looking like sadly my friends are too busy Sad smileI just can’t compete with the town over and the log show … lol. 

As you all know I’m the person if it’s a kid friendly party I will be there in a heartbeat.  Rick always tells me Alexis you always bend over backward to attend everyone’s party would they do it for you?  I guess having rose color glasses makes my life blissful that is until it’s my turn .. ok enough pitty me!

I did get my haircut & colored for the event … oh yes so I’m stepping out into my summer do!  I’ll take the small silver lining where I can. My makeup got washed off while rinsing the color out so it’s a sephia pic until I can get one up on next week with make-up Smile.

I also sent all the flip flop partners there partner’s info.  If you don’t hear from your partner let me know I don’t want anyone getting left out!


Partners are (Ok I screwed up and forgot to change out the names in one of the emails so one girl sorry Dawn got two partners, I’m putting how it should be but if you already have it switched let me know):

  1. Tammy  & LynnMarie 
  2. Kat  & Our Crazy Bunch 
  3. Robyn  & petrii 
  4. Shell  & JessieLeigh 
  5. Cool Gal  & Life With Baby Donut 
  6. The Blue Zoo  & Kristy 
  7. Sara  & Ma What's 4 dinner 
  8. Andrea (ace1028)  & Cassie
  9. Amy  & Alexis

I hope I didn’t screw anyone up with the swap I feel so bad I was a bone head and didn’t update my email.  My own fault for being lazy and copy & pasting … ugh.  Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Sheesh...I don't even get spam comments...sniff.

  2. I know how you feel! Sometimes I try to jump at everything I am invited to, but then when it comes to my parties hardly anyone shows. It sucks!

  3. Love the hair. At least you're getting spam comments.... I got nothin'!

    Your flipflop swap sounds fun.

  4. Oh no no no, there must be a mistake! *I* won the British lottery!

    I do like your haircut, too. :)

  5. Oh! I meant to tell you ...for the first time ever, your email came into my spam folder. LOL!

  6. Holy moly you are getting over 55 spam comments? Sheeeze...that's a whole Lotta comments! Alexis, I'm so sorry you didn't have a bigger turn out for your party...that sucks...and by the way...I know that my invite was probably lost in the mail....sent to the wrong thought I'd be too busy......sniff sniff. ;o) Blessings, Joanne

  7. That's the nice thing about Wordpress, I can keep the comments and edit out their links! It wasn't too bad when I was only getting 1-2 comments a day, but have been getting a lot of spam lately so it would take too much time to edit them all!

  8. I didn't know you were hosting a swap! FUN! :-)

    That's a lot of spam! Though I think I get as much spam as I get regular comments too. :-/

  9. Hey girl...still lov'n ya.
    I won too!!! We should go on a trip together!!! ;-)
    Oh and good thing you reminded me I have a kid party to plan. Geez, I better get on the ball.

  10. Okay when we meet up someday we are going to have our own party and screw everyone else.. Ha Ha.. I love your new look.. It is so sexy you go my poser friend..
    Yeah for the flip flop swap.. Got to get mine sent out..

    love ya..

  11. I never had spam on blogger. Now that I'm on WP I wake up to 100's luckily I have a plugin that stops them. I love your hair girly, it looks great.

  12. I get spam comments but have never had that many. I posted a while back about the downsize in blog comments. I've been getting less too. I think it's because of the business of summer activities. At least I hope that's the case and not that my blog is getting more boring!

  13. I get several spams each day and blogger does a great job with them.
    Sorry about your party. I use to host parties all the time with no turn outs. I finally gave up. You such a good person I hate to see your hurting. Love your hair and I hope you got cute flip-flops!


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