Thursday, June 2, 2011

Must Read Books II (Well some I found, not all my style)

I downloaded a bunch of books, sadly a bunch of them didn’t grab me.  I have a rule of thumb I go by a book must grab me by 50 pages or I’m done.  I can’t read threw a whole book so the book may get better but I don’t have the patience to keep going so I’m sorry to say some of these books didn’t capture me.

Death by Cashmere

I was so excited to find another knitting murder mystery series but sadly the first part of the book kind of dragged on didn’t get me right in.  I didn’t try any of the other books in the series, so it may have just been this one.

Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum

This brand-new mystery series spins a yarn about knitters and murder in a quaint seaside village.
Not long after Isabel "Izzy" Chambers opens up a knitting shop in the sleepy fishing town of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, a diverse group of women begins congregating each week to form the Seaside Knitters.
Izzy raises some eyebrows when she rents the apartment above her shop to Angie Archer, whose reputation for loose behavior and a quick temper has made her unpopular with many locals. But could any of them have wanted her dead? Angie's body is discovered drowned in the harbor, her long red hair tangled like seaweed in a lobster trap.

Death by Darjeeling

This book was set in a tea shop, I felt to be a little bit of an older generation then for me.  I couldn’t identify and get into the characters.

Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs

Theodosia Browning is the owner of Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston, South Carolina. Her business is growing in the historic tourist town and she is building a strong, knowledgeable staff: Drayton Conneley, tea sommelier, Haley Parker, Theo's clerk and baker, and Bethany Shepherd, Haley's roommate, who fills in on occasion. Theo also caters local events, most recently the Lamplighters Tour, tours of the historic homes of Charleston. During one of the stops, local developer Hughes Barron drops dead after a cup of Theo's special blended tea.

Night of the Living Dandelion

Since Vampires are the thing now to read I thought what the heck I’ll try this one!  The character was cute and cheecky but I just couldn’t get into it.  It just lacked something to draw me in.

Night of the Living Dandelion by Kate Collins

Flower shop owner Abby Knight does not believe rumors that Vlad Serban, friend and employee of Abby's fiancé Marco, is a vampire. But how to explain that Vlad is from Romania, has prominent canines, likes bizarre plants such as bloodwort and Dracula orchid, and dresses entirely in black?

When a local woman is found dead, her body drained of blood, the stakes become life and death. With Vlad the #1 suspect, Abby and Marco race to find the real killer, before Vlad's life really starts to suck.

The Backup Plan

This was another one I just couldn’t get into.  It had great characters I wanted to fall in love but I found my mind wandering the whole time I was reading it.  I bet it got better and I would love to find out what happened but I just couldn’t make it threw it.

The Backup Plan by Sherryl Woods

Every woman needs a backup plan...
And no one knows that better than foreign correspondent Dinah Davis, who's spent years wriggling out of international hot spots. Now she's come home to South Carolina's Low Country to hook up with the dependable man who long ago promised his devotion. But instead of finding the safety she's seeking, she winds up in the arms of his black sheep brother.

Pepperoni Pizza Can Be MurderOne of my favorite types of books of course is murder with food.  This book had some slow moments but the sister duo is a great team and it did keep you guessing until the end on who done it.

Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder by Chris Cavender

For once, it seems, no one is trying to pin a murder on Eleanor Swift, owner of the scrumptious pizzeria A Slice of Delight in the quiet little town of Timber Ridge, North Carolina. But someone has to answer for that body in her kitchen. . .and it looks like the final stop for Gregg Hatcher, her deliveryman, may be the state penitentiary

The Best GiftThis book is one I truly enjoyed and kept wanting more and more of it.  The only thing that bugged me is that The story talked about 3 sisters and the gift left to them but only one sister was followed in this novel.  I bet there are more books to come but the way it was set up in the beginning of the book set it up as all three.  Great book, it has a Christian feel to it.

The Best Gift by Irene Hannon

After her beloved aunt Jo passed away, sassy redhead A. J. Williams inherited her aunt's bookstore...and the store's handsome manager, Blake Williams. Like oil and water, A.J. and Blake didn't mix. A.J.'s motto had always been Go with the Flow, and God Will Lead the Way, while Blake lived a practical, conservative life. But they had to find a middle ground when they were forced to work together to solve a problem that could affect both their lives. Could their budding friendship--and a bit of divine guidance--lead to the love of a lifetime? Because with Aunt Jo's legacy, anything was possible

So there you have it a few misses but two good ones that I enjoyed reading!  Have a great week!


  1. Murder with food? Now that's something I have yet to read. Interesting!

  2. that last one sounds great..
    my rule.. about 30 pages!
    if it hasn't grabbed me by then.. oh well!!

  3. The Best Gift sounds pretty good.
    I don't read murder mysteries or vampires but I know most people do.
    My therapist years ago told me I read too many romance novals, that life really isn't like that!

  4. You always seem to find the most interesting things girl.. Thanks for sharing these.. Have a great day..

  5. The last two sound interesting. I have never heard of these two, but then again I feel lucky if I am able to read the back of the Captain crunch box mean the Fiber one cereal box. Blessings, Joanne

  6. I could probably get into some food murder novels if I had time to read!

  7. I am on a wait list for "Sarah's Key" at the library. Can't wait to start reading it.

    "Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder" sounds like a fun read. I'll have to check it out.

    Hope you're having a great evening!

  8. I have such a long list of books to read this summer....ugh! :)

  9. That sounds like a lot of books you didnt like lol


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