Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not your NORMAL Chicken, Rice & Brownies

As usual we don’t have the same boring meal we have to mix it up and all of these were amazing. NOW the chicken and rice both are low fat, the brownies NOT so much! Thankfully those went to church so we didn’t have them sitting around the house to tempt me Smile.
First off we had a very yummy chicken the recipe called for thighs but I don’t do bones, I know were nutty. So I used it for breast meat and put the sauce as a marinade and let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours then baked it. I’m lazy like that, I LOVE my delay button on the oven and that way I can go to the gym and when we return home it’s done. Asian Glazed Drumsticks by my girl Gina at Skinnytaste.com.

Asian Glazed Chicken (WW 5pts)

<p>The original recipe called for chicken drumsticks but we don&#8217;t do bones here so I just used breast and it was <span class="caps">GREAT</span>.</p>

See Asian Glazed Chicken (WW 5pts) on Key Ingredient.

Yummy is all I can say about this Wild Rice, Barley and Asparagus Pilaf. the boys ate it with out the asparagus. Now the recipe has you do the rice and barley in steps on the stove. I did it in my rice cooker that also has a steamer on top! I’m all about the quick and easy here and it turned out perfect!!

Wild Rice, Barley and Asparagus Pilaf Recipe (WW 1pt)

<p>This was a great side that doesn&#8217;t fill you up.</p>

See Wild Rice, Barley and Asparagus Pilaf Recipe (WW 1pt) on Key Ingredient.

And now this is FAR from healthy but as we know portion control is key. The church had a BBQ/Potluck so I whipped up these Oreo Brownies With Buttercream Frosting. I used brownie mix from the bulk section at Winco and used a oreo knock off because I’m cheap … lol.

Now let’s talk about PEOPLE at potlucks! What the heck as soon as I cut them people ran up and then got picky on wanting to get the largest one! Then people grabbed more then ONE before anyone else could get one! Of course the first in line where the people who brought NOTHING! It really irks me when we have maybe 9 dishes and there is 60+ people wanting food. NOW some I understand others have no excuse!

Oreo Brownies With Buttercream Frosting

<p>I made these for the church pot luck and they sure went fast!</p>

See Oreo Brownies With Buttercream Frosting on Key Ingredient.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Some people honestly can't afford to contribute, some people are just pigs.

  2. Oh that rice!!! It looks fantastic!!! Must try!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  3. Okay, so can just reading and looking at those brownies make your thighs bigger? Because I'm thinking I felt mine stretch out a little just looking at those. =) YUM!!!

    That rice looks DELISH!! I love rice barley and asparagus....wow I need to give this a go.

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  4. I'm trying to behave so I'm ignoring the dessert. ;) But the pilaf recipe sounds delish!

  5. Yummy Chicken..
    I want those brownies.. Have a great day..

  6. Those brownies look awesome....and yes what is up with people is right!!!!I am somtimes left there with my mouth open in shock and disbelief. and thats just my own family!!!LOL ;o) Blessings, Joanne

  7. I actually baked brownies last night! :) It was a gift we got in a jar. I thought it would be a nice treat for the soccer coach and player when they got back from practice last night.

    You are doing so good with all those lowfat yummy meals. Wanna come cook for me? I just don't enjoy it like I use to...maybe soon! :)

  8. That chicken looks amazing!! Yum!

    The rice, barley, asparagus dish sounds interesting. I actually started an asparagus patch this year, so by 2013 I should start getting some (I didn't know it took so long!! LOL!)

    The oreo brownies sound amazing! Same thing happened at the church I grew up in. It irked me when I'd take a dish and by the time I got to it was gone...I only make stuff I like and want to eat it! LOL!

  9. The chicken looks great, but I'd have to leave out the sesame seeds (they'd get stuck under Bill's dentures.... YUK).
    Bill would like the rice, too because he loves asparagus.
    Of course you KNOW I would love those brownies. I know that the people of the church (even the greedy, lazy ones) loved them. =)

  10. Thank you again for linking up... esp. with this brownie recipe. MMMM
    I knew I could count on you.


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