Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciate Gifts

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week, I'm behind giving this to the teacher and posting this ... lol.  I really think my life has to have ups and downs to be life .. hehe.  I head to Pinterest to find my source of inspiration.

Even if it's not Teacher Appreciate week these would be a nice thank you gift to your child's teacher.  SUPER easy to make!

First one I saw on Pinterest was for the Coffee Lover.

What you Need:

  • Gift Card for Starbucks (or who ever is your favorite)
  • EMPTY CLEAN Coffee Cup (ask them they will give it to you free)
  • Straw (Don't forget to grab one, I almost did)
  • Tissue Paper (Brown & off White)
  • Ribbon to tie your Gift Card on

Take the empty cup, crumple up the brown in the bottom of the cup (to look like Coffee) may take 2 sheets.  Then crumple up the off white (for the cream).  Make sure you do this around the straw and put the top on.  I cut a whole in the giftcard holder and put the ribbon threw. Then tie  a ribbon to the straw.


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Then I saw this next one on Pinterest also and had to make it.  Now the picture of Every Day Scrapbook was better, I have to work on this one but it gives you the idea.

What you need:

  • Hard cup with lid and the hard plastic straw
  • Pencils (the yellow #2 best, I bought some at dollar store & they were too LONG.  I had to sharpen them and it just wasn't the same)
  • Card stock for the note or I found these cute little Apple cut outs the I wrote on a white sticker and put it on it.

Take your clean plastic cup fill up with pencils. I found the cheap ones at Dollar store didn't fit nice I ended up having to sharpen and then they weren't even and nice looking (PLUS if you don't have a electric sharpener and it was a pain in the butt).  Either on a piece of thick card stock write a note saying "We're Filled to the Brim that ____'s in your ___ grade class.  You can cut a little whole on top and bottom and slide down the straw (to look like a flag off the straw).


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Hope you make one for that special teacher.  Just remember they are locked in a room with 20+ kids for a full day!  Yup I thought that would make you think ... lol.


  1. this is great! My son will be in PreK this fall and I'm excited to do stuff like this :)

  2. Pricilla thinks soap makes a good teacher appreciation gift

  3. Those are both really cute ideas. I am sure the teacher loved his gift!

  4. I love doing things like this but do wish they would promote it better here in New Zealand cause I forget when it is and it just sails right on by!

  5. I really like the seond one but both would be neat gifts for any teacher.

  6. I love that second one. What great ideas!
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Oh gosh how cute is that! Love them both fun gifts.


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