Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt & Recipes (duh … it’s me … lol)

My friend from school has an annual Egg hunt.  The boys and I were invited to join in this year.  The boys were so excited!  And I of course couldn’t go empty handed.  So I found 2 new recipes to try out.

First is a version of Jell-o Shot I’ve made before this time I did it in layers and put in these cute egg molds.  I used from my favorite adult beverage site Jelly Shot Test Kitchen her Candy Corn Jelly Shot and made it into a Easter themed version.  I made the milk layer and then 2 layers of a flavored Jell-o.  Follow her instructions to a T, believe me I didn’t and ended up with goo one time!  Make sure to let the jello layer set up in the fridge and then do the next layer set up and so on.  You can do multiple layers but I found that is super time consuming .. lol.  3 layers are my most … hehe.




Of course I had to make something for the kids.  I found this on Pinterest it was linked to a FB page picture only so I winged it and figured it out Smile.

What you Need:

  • Oreo Cookies (If you can find the White Fudge Dipped ones you can skip the White Chocolate Step Below)
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Colored Sugar (I used Blue or Pink)
  • Black Edible Pen or Black Decorating Gel
  • Pink Jelly Beans or Pink Candies

If you don’t find the White Fudge Dipped Oreo’s, you’ll have to melt white Chocolate chips in the microwave.  (NOTE remember to melt it in 30 second intervals.  IT will BURN remember my post, yup I proved it can be done).  After melted dip the oreo’s in and make sure they are coated front and back.  Set them aside to dry.  Cut marshmallows diagonally dip the sticky side in the colored sugar.  Attach two marshmallows to the top of your white chocolate dipped cookies (this will help them stick).  I couldn’t find pink Jelly Beans so I found a pink candy for the nose (put on while chocolate still wet).  When everything is dry either use edible pen or I used food gel. Keep refrigerated until  you want to serve so the chocolate stays hard.




What I took to the party, aren’t they cute?


And some fun pictures from the Egg hunt and party!  Our host had the best treats she had Blue Martini’s and even made a Ham with Beans!  It was a fabulous time.  The boys played well no real tears and I was able to actually sit and not have to keep looking over my shoulder.  I can’t wait to go back to her next party!


Happy Early Easter!  Hope you find something here you may want to make.


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely time.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. What fun treats! I've never seen jello egg shots before-very neat! Sure beats trying to get your tongue to the bottom of those cups...I swear I have a short tongue! LOL!

    Those bunnies are too cute! Might have to try those! :-)

  3. You certainly are the "life" of the party. Love the Jello shots and those bunnies are adorable! Looks like it was a fun party.

  4. LOVE the jello eggs!! what a fab idea :) the oreos look tasty! Happy Easter to u and ur family <3


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