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Monday, April 29, 2013

Star War's Party .... Pool Noodle Light Saber Tutorial

We are onto the next step of our Star War's Themed party.  Since we will be having the party at the local pool what better then pool noodles and heck even better themed like Light Saber's!!  I saw several different pictures on Pinterest but not really a tutorial.  That was until I typed in Tutorial bam ... lol.  I found Fussy Monkey Business had a great tutorial and pictures to help me figure out what I needed to do.  I'm so a picture person if you haven't figured that out by now ... lol

What You Need:
Pool Noodle
Knife (I used scissors)
Tape Measure
SHARP Scissors
Silver Duct Tape (I wish I used the shiny silver it was more expensive)
Black Electrical Tape (this is a must don't try black duct tape like I did at first)

You will want to measure your pool noodles and cut them in half using your knife (I used my scissors and eyeballed it, something I just give up on being perfect). Then you can begin taping.  Add one piece on top of noodle (covering only half on the end - see picture), Snip to the edge and overlap, all the way around each side.  Smooth bottom of pool noodle, repeat to completely cover the end.   Turn noodle on it's side and begin taping around, making sure to keep it close to the bottom of the edge.  Make sure you keep the edges lined up when you go around.  Overlap just slightly for the next row of tape.  She used 3 rows of tape, I opted for 4 rows of tape. That seemed to be the right amount for the hilt.  Cut your black electrical tape.  I made two rows of black on the bottom and then cut strips to put on the hilt.  I eyeballed the measurements ... you can always measure them :).

I thought it would be easy to cut black duct tape into strips
OK stop laughing, it didn't work so well.
Thankfully I found electrical tape in the man cave.

This really is a pretty easy thing to do, the ONLY hard part is I bought like 11 noodles so I have 22 of these to make (you cut the noodle in half ... this is also the only site I saw that did that and I think that is pretty darn cool more bang for your buck!

Thanks for stopping by, if you're looking for more Star War's Themed items here is what I've done so far:


  1. WOW! Those came out awesome and they are so much safer than the plastic ones my kids beat each other with.

  2. They look great! I'm sure the kids will have a blast with them! Thanks for the link back.

  3. They look great! I'm sure the kids will have a blast with them! Thanks for the link back.

  4. You are just a genius. You had to make 22 of these?? You are not only a genius but a very patient genius.

  5. This is fantastic. Your party is going to be a blast!

  6. The kids are going to love playing with those! Too cool!

  7. I can see the kids now whapping each other over the heads with 'em.

    Bwahahahahaha. You are going to NEED the force in that pool

  8. Yea!!!! I can post a comment!!!! Ok can I tell you my son is a star wars freak!!!? and he got that from his dad...(but he will never admit it) This saber idea is the coolest thing EVER! You find the coolest party ideas! Love each and every one of them. Have an awesome day!
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Super cool idea! That'll be something the kids will love.

  10. LOVE these!! Wanted to let you know that I featured your tutorial in a blog post this morning as one of my favorite pins of the week! :)

    Have a terrific day, Alexis!! :D

  11. I love those. The kids are going to have so much fun!

  12. I featured your pool noodle light sabers (AGAIN! ;)), this time in a Pool Party Pinspiration roundup post :*) Love 'em and couldn't resist including them so others could enjoy your post too! ;)

    Have a great day, bloggy friend!

  13. Wow! I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing :)

  14. These are perfect especially since our party is a Star Wars themed pool party.


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