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Monday, September 17, 2012

Time to make treats again

The time has come for me to make goodies for the PTF (Parents, Teachers & Friends) at school.  I'm think I may have found a winner?  The last few times I've made treats they have barely been touched, yup bruised cooking ego here ... lol.  Most of the recipes I've done so far will take me around 1 1/2 hours to do, so I'm hoping maybe a simpler recipe will be the key? I know I over think things, but we'll see if this is a hit.

So far I have made:

So I hit pinterest and I found these Lemon Cool Whip Cookies, that are easy and only 3 ingredients.  Oh yes it looks devine, now I won't be able to have one so let's hope someone will eat them at the meeting ... lol.

Three Ingredient Lemon Cool Whip Cookies

So what do you think?  
You think the plate will be empty or will I take home the plate full again?


  1. Nobody ate those yummy treats you made? They don't know what they missed! The cookies sound yummy - I bet you won't be bringing any home afterwards. ;)

    Jambalaya Wanted Fake I.D. to Party Like Cowboyz - but Don't You Worry Child, Take These Things To Heart remembering Ronan

  2. I think you'll be in good shape for cookie grabbers with those! But then again....they look like the kind of thing I'd be happy came back home with me!

  3. They didn't eat the smores cupcakes?!

  4. What's wrong with those people! Okay I might have passed on the spinach one - just because I've got a horrible sweet tooth, but seriously who would pass up smore cupcakes or snicker doodles filled with caramel!

  5. I cannot imagine those treats getting eaten. I'd eat a whole plate just by myself!

  6. How can people not eat things that look like that?! I mean really. Weirdos.

  7. Oh I'd be gobbling them especially the lemon cookies, huge lover of lemon. The s'mores would be next!

  8. I LOVE lemon stuff! I just pinned those lemon cool whip things to check out later.

    And people didn't touch your creations? That is just blasphemy right there! (<---holy crap. I spelled blasphemy right the first time. I'm gobsmacked).

  9. The only reason they passed them up was because of how amazing they are and they knew they wouldn't be able to eat just one ;-)

  10. I want to try those lemon cookies.
    When do you rest? You still amaze me with your non stop projects.


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