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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yet another round of Christmas Movies

As you all know now I have a slight obsession with Christmas Movies, I love them they always make me see the good in people and put cheer in my heart.  I'm trying to show case some brand new and some I haven't seen before and haven't posted about in past years.  My favorite channels are Hallmark, Lifetime and GMC.  You can catch one almost any time of the day and thankfully most run a few times :).  So set your DVR's and here we go!

Baby's First Christmas | Hallmark Channel - This was a cute movie about a baby of course to be born on Christmas.  There is a contest, a scrooge type and of course to throw in the sides at times loss of jobs and loosing of a house.  And of course the miracle of people who reach out and help all.  I really liked this one and not one I've seen before.

The Merry In-Laws - Lifetime - Talk about tink me pink, almost like a Cheer's reunion!  Ok for you who don't know do you live under a rock .. lol.  Cheer's was one of my favorite shows you just had to love Norm and well Diane always drove me nuts but hey it was super cute to see them together.  A fun movie about the rational thinkers who don't believe oh yes a fun movie!

Christmas With Holly - Hallmark - Oh this movie will make you a little teary but it will touch your heart.  To have amazing family that would step in and care for your child if God Forbid something happens to you.  A very touching story!

The Real StNick - Lifetime - This will make you laugh and you will fall in love with St. Nick who some may think is a nut but you will come to find out there is a deeper story there!

Christmas Town – gmc -What happens when we just need to have a little faith and believe.  What a cute story of a busy single mom who may need just a little bit of Christmas cheer.  Her father moves to a town all about Christmas.  Very cute movie, with a reminder to sometimes slow down.

The Secret Of Giving - – gmc  - Now I'm not a big fan of westerns or movies anything like it. BUT I do like Reba and I think her voice is very beautiful so I just had to watch this movie.  It had some shoot them up and bad guys but it always had a love and Christmas spirit that touched the heart.

The Perfect Holiday - Lifetime - This is a twist on the ones we've seen before with a Christmas Angel that is maybe pulling some strings to bring those together.  A fun movie, maybe not one I would want to watch again but it had a good meaning behind it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend and maybe find a movie to watch with the family.


  1. There are a couple up there that I haven't seen and they look like I would like them. Thanks!! Going to have to see if I can find them.

  2. I enjoyed Baby's First Christmas. Missed The Merry In-Laws yet I had it set to tape. Found it for Monday so hope to watch it soon. Love Christmas with Holly. Amazing how many movies Lifetime and Hallmark made this year!

  3. I can't wait to get my White Christmas on!!

  4. I saw an ad somewhere for The Real St. Nick and that one is totally on the top of my list.

  5. I love Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas you and yours.

  6. They all sound like good movies to watch during the Christmas season.


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