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Friday, December 14, 2012

More Christmas Movies to Enjoy!

It's that time of the week again a list of the Christmas movies I watched over the week and had to share with you my friends.  Remember the best channels to check out this time of year are Lifetime, Hallmark and my NEW favorite GMC.

Will You Merry Me? - - This was so cute and a great way to see the merging of two different cultures for the holiday.  Plus it had two of my favorite actresses playing the moms.  It's so true we may fight but we are family :).

Come Dance with Me | Hallmark Channel - We have seen a version of this movie before but you will love the Holiday twist to it.  Plus I just love Andrew McCarthy (so love my 80's movies).  Money may bring you things but happiness may be lead to you in a different direction.

Kid Who Loved Christmas - gmc TV -Talk about an all Star cast you have Sammy Davis Jr., Vanessa Williams even there for a short period.  A great story about an orphan being adopted by a man who just lost his wife and the trials and tribulations he goes threw to get him.  And even a Christmas miracle.

Holly's Holiday - Lifetime - A girl learns that maybe Mr. Perfect isn't so perfect and what we may need is right in front of us.  A super cute movie.

Help for the Holidays | Hallmark Channel - Can a elf restore Christmas to a family that has lost the spirit?  What a cute movie and you get to see Eva La Rue (since they cancelled my CSI Miami with out a finally it was nice to see her again).  And even a touch of romance.

All About Christmas Eve - - What a moment can do, it really can change the way your life can go.  A great movie of two paths that could be and finding oneself. 

Christmas Song | Hallmark Channel - Almost in a Glee style fashion is this Christmas movie lot's of singing and some love stories of course.  Very cute movie!

The Christmas Secret - Hallmark Channel - What a  cute movie about a man who wants to prove reindeer fly.  Along the way he finds out the true meaning of Christmas and the love of family.

I hope you enjoy them and may find one or more you would like to enjoy!!


  1. I do look forward to your Friday Christmas movie round-up posts. This way I can plan out my weekend around what I want to watch on tv :)

  2. I will try and catch some of these. I love Christmas movies!

  3. I have been watching and watching and watching. Only 2012 New movies!
    I have several coming up that were already on but I couldn't tape them at the time they premiered. I loved Come Dance with Me. Watching the Chrismtas Heart right now. Have the Mistle-tones to watch and then it seems like a dozen more still to tape. It's been fun!

  4. I have been watching all the Christmas show I can.... Hoping they get me in the Holiday spirit!!

  5. i still like the idea of Miracle on 34th Street. I havent seen that one in a long time. do they even still run that one.

  6. I'm still backed up with all of these movies on my DVR but I did see the Come Dance with Me one!


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