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Friday, December 7, 2012

Another week of Christmas Movies ...

I have more Christmas Movies that I have to share with you all!  I hope you find one you may want to watch or one you never heard about!

Love at the Christmas Table (Lifetime) - This was an ok movie, Usually you know me I love all Christmas movies but this one kind of dragged on in parts.  About a boy and a girl that come together every Christmas.  If your a The Wonder Years Fan you'll love this has the actress that played Winnie Cooper.  If you have spare time and want a holiday movie it could be your answer :).

Hitched for the Holiday's (Hallmark) - I'm a sucker for Joey Lawrence and he was cute in this movie.  We've seen this theme before but it was a cute movie about not being lonely at the holidays plus the pressure of family and with someone for the holidays.

The Heart of Christmas - gmc TV - I'm so loving this new channel I found if you can get it I suggest you do!  It made me cry and really shows you the true meaning of faith.  It was nice to see this mom who blogged about her sick child that touched so many lives.  This is a true story. It may be hard for some to watch, but I truly found it to be a movie that was moving and heartfelt.  My heart goes out to families with sick children and my prayers are always with them.  If you can give to St. Jude's Hospital, they help so many!

A Bride for Christmas | Hallmark Channel - This was a cute movie with a theme we have seen before with a bet about a girl.  But it all turns out to be the right move all.  Very cute movie!

Christmas with a Capital C gmc TV  - This is a GREAT movie about the true meaning of Christmas! The movie is from a great Christian song from the same title.  On my NEW favorite station GMC, check it out if you have not yet!! What we make it and how we treat others.  I like a moment in their where the pastor talks about statues being like idols instead of what they are meant to be.  It was heartfelt and a real tear jerk-er   Just remember you may not always know what is going on with others around you!

Miracle of the Cards | gmc TV - This True story brought me to tears about a little boy with a brain tumor I think I even remember this chain letter to send letters for him to break the Guinness world record.  What a great story of faith and the motivation of a mother to bring strength to her son!

Finding MrsClaus - Lifetime -  This was a funny take on Mrs. Claus feels a little left out she hits Las Vegas to help a little girl find a husband for her mom.  It has some cute moments and a story I haven't seen before.  It won't make you cry but it will make you laugh.

Christmas Snow | gmc – uplifting ... - Now this is a tear Jerk-er towards the end.  The scrooge Chief gets a special guest who turns out to be a special angel sent to her to make things right in her life.  Great life lessons and making the best of life and learning the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Box |  gmc TV - A movie that leads a family that is being torn apart by putting business before family.  Moving in with a elderly woman that teaches them that they need to be more about family.  Along the way she teaches the all business day to slow down and the true meaning of Christmas.  Yes you may cry a little at this one.

Jingle and Bell's Christmas Star | Hallmark Channel - And one last one for the kids!  If you have been seeing the Hallmark ads for their book with Jingle who barks during the book you will know this little guy Jingle.  The boys really enjoyed this one.  I'm not much one for animated animals all the time but this sure was cute!

Hope you find a movie you may not have seen yet and snuggle up and enjoy it!  Have some hot chocolate for me (still on my diet and can't have it) and maybe a few yummy treats!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hitched for the Holidays sounds like such a sweet movie. Heck, they all do. I know what I'm gonna be doing all weekend.

  2. I have actually watched some Christmas movies in honor of you

  3. I loved that Christmas Box movie and enjoyed reading the book. I am trying to get caught up on some of the movies you have listed. Taping some in the middle of the night because of conflicts with regular programing. So glad that some of the channels repeat them! I thought that Love at the Christmas Table dragged too!

  4. I love Christmas movies! Thank you for the review.

  5. We dont have cable and all these look good and we dont have netflix any more. i got rid of it. My favorite movie is Miracle on 34th street. I havent seen that one in a long time.

  6. I haven't seen any of these. I'd especially like to view Christmas with a Capital C.

  7. I think the boys would love that Jingle and Bells movie. We have Jingle.


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