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Friday, December 28, 2012

Marking it on my Calendar ...

It doesn't happen often but my husband was right .... heeheee!  He actually saved my day and I'm very grateful!  As most of you know I work from home and my internet connection is my lifeline!  Wednesday of course after being gone 2 days for the holiday my internet modem/wireless router started to actually shut it's self down.  Then it would restart and repeat!  NOW if I'm on a call with someone that means I loose the client or potential client YUP NOT good!  

So I get on the phone and call Century Link, I get a nice girl but she is from India and I can't understand a word she is saying to me.  Our 2 hour call could have probably taken an hour.  So she tells me "Well let's monitor it and see what happens".  YUP she wanted me to just wait and see if what she did makes it stays on.  I had to say AGAIN I work from home I can't just hope and pray it works!  So of course as soon as I hang up it goes dead!!  I call again get a nice man this time thankfully I can understand and another 1 1/2 hours we try to hard boot my system and down again it goes ... UGH.  He tells me I need a new system.

I head to Walmart thinking I'll just pick one up.  WRONG I find one ask one guy is this what I need yes it is!  It's $79.99 ok not what I was wanting to spend but I can do this!  But then I get a feeling to ask again another guy and of course he says NO you have to have this one that has Modem / Wireless together and they only have one that comes from the company (Century Link).  $99.99 is the price I almost die, it's after Christmas and I have missed 2 days of work (I'm a contractor I don't get paid for holidays) and then had to clock off early and not rolling in the money this week.  I get home and Rick says you spent a $100!  UGH yes ... You need to call the internet company.

So I get on the phone a THIRD time and get a young kid who was so nice but he wanted to be my friend and tell me about his car problems!  I so wasn't in the let's be friends mood!  I try to order the new modem / wireless that I can break up on my bill for 3 months.  Come to find out that since I earlier increased my internet speed this day I can do two orders in one day? Come again?  He tells me this PLUS their policy is they don't put the order in for THREE days!  Since the 1st is a Holiday it won't be on their books until the 2nd and I may not see the new modem until the 4th or may the 7th!!

I wanted to cry!  SO Rick had the idea to look on the internet.  COME to find out they had a STORE in the MALL!!  YOU got to be kidding me!  YUP I go to the store walk in and walk out with my modem. WITH my account charged!  YUP Rick saved my day by finding this store that NO ONE at the company told me about!!  So I can now return the one to Walmart to get my $100 back!

After an hour on the phone AGAIN with a nice girl from India again I got my Modem / Wireless set up! UGH so Century Link is not on my top list for their tech support!!
This is what my old one looked like.
It lasted 5 years not bad!

Me setting up the new one!
An HOUR on the ph w/ Tech Support and it's done!

I'm pooped now!  LOL Have a happy Weekend!


  1. oh jeez I don't know how you didn't explode I would have been yelling at everyone at that point. I hate sitting on the phone for stuff like that already then to get mixed advice and feedback?! Ugh

    glad you got it working!

  2. Sometimes our Hubbies can be very useful can't they!!

    I hate when I get someone of the phone that is suppose to help me and I can't understand a word they say. That is when I hand the phone to my Hubs.

  3. I am no good with stuff like that. Glad you were able to keep your cool.

  4. I would call, explain, complain and ask for a discount.

  5. Way to go. Sorry for the trouble but glad it all got worked out. I have to say that I get very upset with services where I can't understand a word they are saying.
    Doesn't make sense to me to hire them!

  6. So glad it all worked out. I would have been a mess. Technology and I don't mix. I always seem to find the want to be friend type when I don't have the time too.

  7. I hate computer issues! I get so frustrated b/c I know so little about them. You deserve a nice big cookie and a long bath! ( and your beverage of choice,of course!)

  8. Ugh I had to call our old router company and it was a nightmare. Glad you got it figured and your money back!

  9. Oh man! I work from home, too, and when the internet goes down it screws up everything. Our modem died last summer and I have Verizon FIOS. I called them to see if when they could come out to fix it and they couldn't come out for 3 or 4 day. WHAT?? I told them that I worked from home and couldn't wait THAT long, so they told me I could do it myself, which I did. I had to go to the verizon store, get my modem and they talked me through. UGH!


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