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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

For Caden's kindergarten class I wanted to make something fun but not something with sugar since I knew they would be having a lot of candy from the other kids.  I found a cute gift tag to add, since they go to a faith based school I found one that had a bible verse.  You can always add a regular Easter tag if you would like.

I went to my sidewalk chalk recipe I used for the auction gifts I made.  I then pulled out my Jell-O Egg molds (you can pick these up FREE every year if you buy a box of Jell-O), I saw on Pinterest people using plastic Easter eggs also if you don't have this mold.  I didn't want to do just one color so I did 3 colors.  NOW don't overfill your eggs like I did, this will MAKE it so hard to open them you will almost think you need to throw away the whole batch (almost did that).  Taking them out of the mold will be hard if overfilled and will cause a heck of a mess next time I will do over a paper bag of newspaper.  I got a lecture from Rick about our counter-tops when he saw the mess ... lol.

What you will need:
•    Egg Mold (I used Jell-O Mold you can use Plastic Egg)
•    Vaseline (to grease the egg)
•    Small bucket or disposable container to make the recipe
•    ¾ cup of warm water
•    1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris
•    2-3 tablespoons of tempera paint
•    Paper bag or a “mess mat”

Step 1: Take Vaseline and grease the inside of the eggs.
Step 2: Pour the warm water into your bucket. Sprinkle the Plaster of Paris over the water and stir the mixture with a plastic spoon. The Plaster of Paris roughly starts hardening within 20-30 minutes, so you need to work fast so that it does not harden too quickly.
Step 3: Next you will want to pour the tempera paint into the Plaster of Paris mixture and stir so that it is mixed thoroughly. If you would like brighter colors  add more tempera paint into the mixture. 
Step 4: I added my first color to one half of the egg, filling about 1/3 of the way.
Step 5: I let it set up for about a half hour then repeated with the next color (following step 2-3)
Step 6: I filled the top and the bottom of the egg with two colors then filled the 3rd color on top of each color in each egg.  I then let it set up for about 10 minutes and let closed the top and the bottom of the egg so it will become one egg! (See Picture)
Step 7: I let it set up over night and then went to open.  I over filled mine so when I went to open it was almost glued shut.  I took a knife to get the dried plaster off and pry the egg open.  I made extra thankfully so the few that broke didn't have to be used.  
Step 8: I added 2 eggs to a snack size zip-lock and added a fun Easter Note.  You can use anyone you like we go to a Faith based school so mine had a bible verse on it.
I found an awesome bible verse label on Detail Oriented Diva! Again you can find a free printable with a bunny if you would like.

We had a few break and I made a mess :) but overall it was so fun!

Yes a Mess

A few causalities.

I think they turned out so cute!  I hope the kids love them.  Today is our last day of the week so I will bring them in today.  We go to Spring Break tomorrow in time for Good Friday and Easter.


  1. My Grandson would really like these, but I don't think he has a sidewalk to use them on.

  2. They are cute but I kept thinking they had nipples.

  3. Thanks Ladies :). Patty my Jell-o Mold has a spout at the top so you can put the liquid in. I just didn't have time to break off all the extra chalk there :)

  4. Dang - and I just bought some egg shaped sidewalk chalk at Target, too. I had no idea this could be made at home.

  5. Seems like a lot of work but they are really cute!

  6. Those are super cute. I really like the tags you created for them.

  7. OMG Alexis! I love this. I had no idea that you could made sidewalk chalk from scratch. How fun is that? My son Ryan would love this project. Of course I love the phrase that you put on there. "No eggceptions!" Adorable!

  8. Good tip about overfilling. I have a tendency to want to do that. These would be terrific in Easter baskets!

  9. These are awesome! LOVE it!! :D Hope you and your family enjoy a beautiful Easter, Alexis!! <3

  10. What a great idea! I love love the gift bags you created for them. I pinned this post.

  11. These are great and would be a wonderful alternative to candy in an Easter basket.


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