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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Star War's Party ... Light Saber Napkin Rings & Fruit Roll ups!

We are now in full on party planning mode!  I am trying to make all the small things now so I can be done before Friday and only have to worry about decorating cupcakes and the things that can't be made days ahead of time!  I found this awesome FREE printable for a Light Saber Napkin Wraps on Catch my party. Then when I was planning this party on Pinterest I came across Light Saber Fruit Roll-ups on A New Dawnn that she used the printable from Catch my party to make.  Score 2 for 1 is what I'm talking about!  I went to kinko's and printed the free printable (to save my ink at home).  And this was a pretty simple project.

Light Saber Napkin Wraps

Napkins - red, blue, lime green or purple (use all one color or a variety)
Cardstock - either a medium gray tone or white
Paper cutter or scissors
Tape - regular or double sided or Glue
Silverware - this is optional but does make it easier to keep the napkins in the shape of a lightsaber

Step 1 Print lightsaber handle image on cardstock and cut out with a paper cutter or scissors.  You can download the lightsaber file here (this a link to their website). There are 6 handle wraps per page.
Step 2 Place silverware in a stack about an inch from the edge of the napkin.  Silverware should hang down past the bottom of the napkin. Fold the napkin over the silverware and continue flipping the silverware until it is completely rolled up. Without silverware simply roll the napkin up.
Step 3 With the napkin edge facing up, place the printed lightsaber handle half way over the napkin and wrap it around the bottom of the napkin.  The bottom of the handle should cover the bottom of the silverware.

Next on my list to do was the fruit roll up which was was pretty darn easy!

Light Saber Fruit Roll-ups

Fruit Roll-ups (make sure the full length my first box was the mini's)
Red Crepe Paper
Tape or Glue
Cardstock - either a medium gray tone or white
Paper cutter or scissors

Step 1 Wrap each fruit roll-up in red crepe paper starting at the top all the way down to the bottom. 
Step 2 With a little trimming place the printed lightsaber handle at the bottom of roll-up and close with a little glue or tape.

I was hoping to get the Light Saber Pool Noodles done but ran out of steam, so those will have to go up on Tuesday's post.  

Recap of today's projects:

Links to what has been done so far:

May the force be with you :)

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  1. What AWESOME ideas you come up with.

    I talked to my boys last night about what theme they wanted for their joint birthday party in August and my oldest wants aliens and my little guy wants angry birds, so I am having 2 themes I guess....

  2. This party is going to be fabulous. How fun!! Really great and easy ideas here.

  3. You are positively not from this world. I wish my mom had been more like you. You make everything special!

  4. I bet all your sons friends thinks you are the cool MOM!

  5. Where in the world do you come up with these GREAT ideas? I think you need to write a book or something..... A HoW To Throw a COOL kids party.

  6. Those came out so cute. What a great party Cole is going to have!

  7. I love themed parties! This is so creative. :)

  8. Such neat ideas for a Star Wars party!! They're so simple and fun! :-)

  9. These crack me up! Thank you for sharing at the Give Me The Goods Party!

  10. Totally adorable! Visiting from the Pin Me party!! Pinning for sure! Hope you link this up at my party this week!!! I love it!


  11. I wish we had seen these before my daughter set up her Star Wars party last month - very clever!


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