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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Palooza ... 3 Hunts & Even a Bunny Visit

The Boys had the chance to go to 3 egg hunts and even get their picture with the Easter bunny!  We've had a fun packed weekend and previous weekend.  Lot's of candy (which mind you didn't seem to make it from the car to the house ... hmmm it must have been thrown out by mistake ... lol).

We've had a great time with friends and some great pictures!

The weekend before Easter.
We were invited to a brunch & egg hunt!

We hide 1,100 eggs!
We let the little kids go out the front door!

And the big kids went out the back door!
Cole was too fast and I couldn't catch up to take pics!
Then we had a group photo of all the kids.

Then Easter Weekend!
Saturday a local church had an egg hunt.
They put out empty eggs and then you dumped your eggs and
walked through a line and filled up on candy & fun stuff!

Saturday night church service ended with Easter Bunny Pics
Yes it's NOT about the bunny but it helps brings kids & parents in.
Plus I don't have to pay to take the kids to the mall one :)

Sunday we headed to my parents house for another hunt.
Mom and dad hid $1 where was this when I was young .. lol
The boys got stuffed frogs & funny bunny faces.
Of course new shoes & candy!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter and a wonderful week.


  1. Oh wow - what a fun filled day! I love the picture of the kids with the Easter Bunny! Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter :)

  2. What a great weekend.
    I love Caden's outfit, he is so handsome.

  3. That's a lot of hunting. Looks like they had a great time! They are lucky to have such an involved mother.

  4. Oh my goodness, I would dread fillng 1100 eggs! lol. But it looks like everyone had a great time. I am so loving those Bunny Nutter Butter Cookies. I am going to have to remember that one for next year!

  5. That's a lot of huntin'
    They are getting so big!

  6. Thats a lot of eggs to fill. I did only 14 for our Grandson. Whew!!

  7. We headed out on Saturday for our Easter festivities, although Gav says he is too old now :( Makes me sad. Zoe and I had a great time though. Looks like a wonderful Easter for all of you!

  8. I love all your Easter treats! They are so cute!

    I've been trying to get that pin button on my pictures. I can't seem to get it.

    alissa4illustration AT hotmail DOT COM

  9. Alissa - I sent you an email but just in case someone else wants to know :).

    I posted about the hoovering pin it button on pics here (if you use blogger):

    If you use wordpress I heard that you can add a widget but I'm sorry I don't know how wordpress works.

  10. Loved looking at your pictures. Looks like you guys had a fun Easter. Your boys look great all dressed up. I am lucky if I can get them to wear a shirt with a collar. lol

  11. Wow, I just noticed how tall Cole is getting. Looks like you had a splendid Easter!

  12. What a fun Easter celebration you had! We still love to have an egg hunt, even though our kids have gotten older. We've cut back on candy and added in nicer wrapped prizes and just tuck a number in an egg. Whoever finds the egg gets the prize. The gold Sacagawea dollar coins are fun to put in them, too. Blessings to you!

  13. Easter egg hunts are a ton of fun, so they must have had a blast being able to do 3! :-) Sounds like a wonderful Easter! :-)


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