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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Star War's Party ... Princess Leia Cookies & Chocolate Darth Vader - Made into Cupcake Toppers

And we end this week of treats for Cole's class with the cupcakes made.  NOW don't worry we still have the actual party to come and that will be more post of we have Light Saber Napkins, Light Saber Fruit Roll ups, Light Saber Pool Noodles, Light Saber Pretzels, Wookie Cookies, Storm troop Cupcakes, Jabba Jigglers, Space Ship Watermelon and whatever else I can fit into these next two weeks. 

So now  on to the cupcakes made for the class. I thought it would be fun to do two different kinds one for Boys and one for Girls.  I bought a Darth Vader mold of amazon so I had that already to go for the boys cupcakes.  But for the girls I saw really cute Princess Leia Cookies on Favor's by Lauren's on her Etsy site.  Now her's totally rock and look professional, mine are cute for a class party ... lol.  Let's just say I have to master my skills on this one.  I do plan on making them again for the party in 2 weeks so we'll see how those turn out.

I made the homemade yellow cake mix recipe I'm not going to put it here again since I've already done 2x you probably are sick of seeing the recipe ... hehe.  I took half and dyed it black and left the other the white/yellow.  I wanted to do a black and white cupcake kind of like the good vs evil.  

What you Need:
homemade yellow cake mix recipe (or your favorite or boxed)
Black Gel Food Coloring (Wilton's)
Cupcake Liners

Fill cupcakes 1/3 with white/yellow and then top with a 1/3 black.  Mine came out a little funny looking but hey it's still fun!

Next on the list to make was the chocolate Darth Vader's.  This one of the most simplest things I did for these cupcakes.  I swear by Wilton's Candy Melts, you can find them at Walmart, Target or Michael's for around $2 to $2.50.  They melt the best and easy to work with.

What you Need:
Candy Melts (black)

I put the melts in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes, don't let them burn!  Stir them around and then put a glob in your greased mold (I use cooking spray). You can put in the fridge for 1/2 to 1 hour or if a hurry like I usually am put in freezer for 10 minutes.  Be careful when taking out of the mold, they can break!

I used the Darth Vader's on top of the cupcakes I frosted with the white so they would pop.

Next on the list was my most challenging one yet!  These Princess Leia cookies look so easy.  WELL that could be the case if you found white chocolate dipped oreo's which I DID NOT.  Then the darn hair was a pain in the butt!  I think the more I practice the better mine will look.  But for a first attempt I say not bad!

I also made a version where I just drew the hair on
SOOO much easier and I think she is cute :)

What you Need:
Oreo's - White chocolate dipped if you can find them
White Candy Melts / Almond Bark - if you can't find the chocolate dipped oreo's
Mini Oreo's
Black Candy Melts
Wilton's Black Licorice Strings
Wilton's Edible Pens (MUST be the Candy Melt Version)
  1. Dipped Oreo's in melted almond bark or White Candy Melts (IF you can't find white chocolate coated Oreo's).  Put on a silicone mat in fridge to firm up.  
  2. Dip a mini Oreo in melted black candy melts.  Put on a silicone mat in fridge to firm up.  
  3. When White Chocolate is firm, Add the licorice strings for the hair. I added a dab of chocolate to hold them down and just made it look like hair.
  4. When the licorice is set, put in fridge if you need to help firm up.
  5. Add a dab of frosting to the chocolate covered mini Oreo.  Add one to each side of the face (to resemble buns).
  6. When everything has set up, take a edible Pen, use black to make eyes and red to make the mouth (you can make a heart and it's a cute mouth).
Here is step by step.  LOT's of steps!
Click on picture to enlarge and help :)

ALEXIS Notes: NEXT I will use white melts instead of almond bark, melts nice and looks cleaner. Also NEXT time I will use some gel food coloring to make little swirls on the black mini Oreo's to resemble the buns in her hair.

There you go it was a lot of work but the kids really did enjoy them and it helped me do a practice run for the actual party.  I did the cupcake in the clear cup (dollar tree 10 for $1) idea again and put it in the clear bags I found at the dollar tree (25 pk for $1).  I have come to the thinking that this is the best way to serve cupcakes for parties!

Here's a recap of what I did :).
Again click the picture if you need it will help to see details.

For the invites and RSVP's I made click HERE

Have a GREAT day!
May the Force be with You!!

Don't forget to see the parties I link up to HERE.


  1. I love BOTH of them. They came out awesome!

  2. You are like some weird freak of nature in the kitchen! (I mean that in a good way.)

  3. I totally love this! I am so glad you shared at Party In Polka Dots!!


    Party Link:

    I am sharing this today on the Piggy In Polka Dots Facebook page!

  4. I'm sure the kids will love them.

    NOT what I was expecting on the Leia thing....

  5. These are super cute. Guessing my Star Wars buff would have a field day with these. :)

  6. My boys would LOVE these! I have a couple huge Star Wars fans! We had a little Star Wars movie marathon over Christmas break and watched all six movies!

  7. Wow! That does look like a lot of work (you are much more patient in the kitchen than I am) but they turned out fabulous!

  8. Oh my goodness, you are the queen of party favors! They came out great.

  9. These are SO CUTE! I love this! What a fabulous idea, especially Leia!

  10. You are super creative!!
    These are really awesome

  11. You've outdone yourself! Did you wear your R2D2 tutu during the party?

  12. Thanks Diana! I wish, sadly it doesn't fit anymore :( that was 30lbs ago and it is crazy big so I had to give it away :(

  13. I'd be pulling my hair out if I were trying to make all those cupcakes! You did an awesome job though!! :-)

  14. Wow. I love theme parties and this one looks like it was pretty time prep intensive! The frosting came out so pretty!


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