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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

The boys school is celebrating Dr. Seuss this week.  Caden's class has had a few mom's make things, so guess what was asked of this momma.  Yup so I went on the hunt for quick and easy projects to make.  I of course would have to make 2 things one for Caden and then one for Cole's class.

I hit up Pinterest and Google Images and found two things to make.

What you Need:
Pretzel Sticks
White Chocolate Melts (you can buy at Craft store or Winco in Bulk Section)
Green M&M's

Red Fish
Gold Fish
Bags (Dollar Tree 40pk)
White Card Stock

Line a pan with parchment paper, put two pretzel sticks and place a white chocolate melt in the middle of the pretzels.  Put in oven at 350 for 2 minutes, don't let it go too long or you'll burn chocolate (I've done it not pretty). Once out of the oven place a green m&m in the middle of white chocolate.  Let sit to hard up before removing from pan.

I wanted to make treat bags so I took two of the green eggs and ham added some red fish and gold fish to a small plastic treat bag.  I printed a label I found on My Paper Lily, she has a blank label that you can use.  I took this blank label uploaded to PicMonkey and Added the words (Green Eggs & Ham One Fish, Two Fish).  I printed on card stock and attached to the bag with a staple.  Yes I know it's one fish, two fish ... but the bags looked so empty so I just added a few more .. lol.

Next on the list is Cat in the Hat

What you Need:
Red Rings (Gummy Life Savers or Peach Rings)
White Frosting
Oreo Cookies

Frosted Cupcakes
Clear Cup
Clear Bags (Large - Dollar Tree 25pk)
White Card Stock

Take the top off a oreo cookie (one of the black cookies), put aside.  Take a Gummy add a ring of white frosting (do this to 3 gummies).  NOW you can use the Peach Rings as is, or you can peel off the pink (this takes a lot of time and is sticky).  You can buy Gummy Life Savers but I needed 21 hats which would mean I would need 63 red gummies, I figured the odds of me getting that many Gummy life Savers was not the best so I went with the peach rings.  Once you have the 3 rings frosted, stack them on top of each other, then place the stack in the middle of your oreo (white side up).  This will look like the Cat in the Hat (black on bottom and red and white strips on top).

I wanted to do something fun with my hats so I made my white cake cupcakes and frosted with my sturdy buttercream frosting.  I topped each cupcake with a Cat in the Hat Topper.  Then my favorite pinterest tip ever found was the cupcake in a clear plastic cup, wrapped in a clear plastic bag and tied with a ribbon.  I added a fun Dr. Seuss Cut out I found on Scrap N Teach.  I used my circle cutter to cut them out, added a hole punched and tied on with the ribbon.  

This was a fun project!  I hope you give one a try!

Did you do anything for Dr. Seuss?
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  1. So cute, what great ideas and they look yummy too!

  2. The children will surely enjoy your give-away. I love the cat in the hat!

    Coming from All Things Thursday Blog Hop! Come-by my blog and say hi! Thank you!

  3. What great ideas! My kids loved Dr. Seuss when they were young.

  4. Those teachers need to thank their lucky stars that they have you as a class mom! I bet they cry their eyes out when the end of the year comes along. I know I would. You are awesome!

  5. Love them! Such a cute way to celebrate Dr. Seuss.


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